Robert loses it after disgusting comment from rapist Lee in Emmerdale

Robert loses it after disgusting comment from rapist Lee in Emmerdale


Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) has been left more furious and disgusted than ever by rapist Lee after his plan to expose his true colours backfired in Emmerdale – and he disgustingly referred to Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) as a bike. Robert had hoped that he could trap Lee by sending in Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) to help show Lee’s true form but when he realised the danger she would be in, Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) took Robert along to intervene.

And they arrived just in time. After plying Dawn with drinks and attempting to tempt her with drugs, Lee took her down to the canal side and became aggressive with her as he made moves on her which she rejected. Aaron stepped in when he and Robert were alerted to Dawn’s screams and Lee smirked as he realised what Robert had been planning to do.

As Lee once again taunted Robert and branded Victoria a liar, while laughing in his face, Robert gave the response that he wanted and lashed out, attempting to attack him. Lee responded by recording Robert on his phone and implying that he had been stalked and felt threatened by him.

After he uploaded the file to his Cloud, he smirked and told Robert that it was a nice try. Later, as Aaron and Robert hid the truth from Victoria, Robert was shocked when he came face to face with Lee at the Mill again.

As Lee made it clear that the matter was far from over, Robert seethed with anger when Lee promised to make his sister’s life hell as revenge for Robert trying to trap him.

But Lee could be messing with the wrong person here as a trailer recently implied that Robert may be driven to murder to get him out of the picture for good…

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