Rishi Sunak squirms as hes probed over love of sexy Jilly Cooper books

Rishi Sunak squirms as hes probed over love of sexy Jilly Cooper books


Rishi Sunak gets flustered as he’s asked about Jilly Cooper novels

Alison Hammond and Craig Doyle were keen to ask the Prime Minister about immigration, teacher’s strikes and Suella Braverman during his interview on Thursday’s This Morning.

However, they also probed Rishi Sunak about his life away from Westminster with Hammond keen to find out if the rumour he loves to read Jilly Cooper was true.

Sunak was left blushing as Hammond admitted she didn’t know the name of the novels and simply enjoyed the “sexy bits”.

Hammond asked: “Is these Jilly Cooper books true? Are you really into those books? Is that not true?”

Laughing, Sunak replied: “Yes that is true. I’m really unclear how that has emerged.”

The host clarified: “Is it true?” as Sunak squirmed and admitted it was.

Hammond continued: “I love a Jilly Cooper book,” as the Prime Minister asked: “Which one?”

She giggled: “I can’t remember, just the sexy bits,” which left Sunak blushing.

“So all of those Riders, Rivals, Polo, The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous, Appassionata, all of those,” he listed.

Hammond exclaimed: “Yes Prime Minister,” as he continued: “She’s done lots of different books but that’s the set of books that I like.”

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Doyle chipped in to note: “You need some escapism in your life.

“That is a good thing and whether that is TV you’ll watch or reading, it’s good to get away from your day-to-day right?”

The presenting duo were also keen to hear when the Prime Minister last broke down in tears.

“Urm, something with one of our kids a while ago, it was a difficult thing but yeah,” Sunak answered.

Doyle tried to lighten the mood, teasing: “Do you cry at DIY SOS like the rest of us?”

That is not… no, that is not my strong point. You don’t want me anywhere near that one!” Sunak admitted.

ITV viewers weren’t too impressed with the interview however and took to Twitter to claim the duo were “out of their depth”.

@YouOmlette added: “The country is falling apart under these Tories, so let’s talk about Sunak’s well-off family.”

User @geordiegalg fumed: “Car crash interview. Presenters totally out of their depth and letting the PM just blather on and on.

“Not taking him to task enough. No wonder he agreed to this, he knew he’d be in for an easier ride. #ThisMorning.” (sic)

@ameliabailey_ commented: “I like Alison but she’s really giving Rishi an easy interview … what kind of questions are these ‘When did you last cry ?’ #ThisMorning.”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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