Richard Madeley fumes 'it's a shambles' as he rips into Covid mask advice for July 19

Richard Madeley fumes 'it's a shambles' as he rips into Covid mask advice for July 19


GOOD Morning Britain host Richard Madeley branded the new Covid mask-wearing rules "a shambles" ahead of Freedom day.

Richard, 65, clashed with a minister on the ITV breakfast show who said it would be up to the public to decide if they want to wear a mask after July 19.

He pointed out though it’s no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask from Monday people will be ordered to mask up in some shops and on public transport.

Speaking to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, MP Robert Jenrick, the presenter said: "Masks, I mean this story has been crumbling like an old building and it's now a total shambles.

"We've got city mayors across the UK and certainly in England who are introducing their own by-laws to insist people wear masks on public transport and in some public places, and this morning Sainsburys and Waterstones, have announced overnight that they will insist their customers wear masks.

"I mean it's a total shambles isn't it?"

Robert replied: "No I don't accept that Richard," but the host snapped: "Oh come on!"

Robert continued to reiterate that people can use their own judgement, but was cut short.

Richard fumed: "Sorry, sorry sorry Minister I must pull you up on this if.

"If I get on a tube in London or a tram in Manchester it's not my personal choice, I have to wear a mask. We don't have personal choice in these areas.

"The freedoms you claim your government has given us not to wear masks are being completely eroded by corporations and mayors."

Last week Richard got in a row with Susanna Reid and Dr Hilary Jones as he insisted: "I don't want to wear a mask anymore.

"I'm not comfortable, I don't like it."

But he added he'll "read the vibe" and wear one if needed.

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