Rebel Wilson shows off her figure in skintight outfit as she skates in NYC after reaching her goal weight of 165lbs

Rebel Wilson shows off her figure in skintight outfit as she skates in NYC after reaching her goal weight of 165lbs


PITCH Perfect star Rebel Wilson celebrated reaching her goal weight of 165lbs by indulging in a New York skate session.

The 40-year-old actress showed off her physique in a figure-hugging outfit as she breezed around the Rockerfeller Center ice rink with her sister Annachi.

Rebel declared 2020 her 'year of health' and has been detailing every step of her fitness and weight loss journey for fans.

She recently posted a picture of herself with Annachi in matching olive green swimsuits as they posed on the beach.

This time the duo were wrapped up warm to beat the East Coast chill as they glided around the ice.

The pair donned designer face masks as they recorded a cute video set to festive anthem Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.

This all comes as the Hollywood star, who has been quite open with her diet, recently reached her goal weight.

Rebel also returned to the States after a stint at the Vivamayr Altaussee luxury medical spa in Austria.

No doubt she'll be looking forward to seeing her beau, billionaire Anheuser-Busch heir Jacob Busch.

Rebel told how he already liked her before she began her wellness regime.

She said: "Some people on social media say, 'Oh, well you lost weight and then you got a hot boyfriend.' But, what I do want to say to those people is that I actually dated Jacob when I was at my heaviest as well."

She continued: "So, it's not like I suddenly lost weight, and then you're like, oh, you get a hot boyfriend—that's not how it works. This guy liked me at 100 kilos and now 75 kilos.

"I just want to clear out that. There's something really comforting in that to me because you're like, oh, it wasn't necessarily of what my body type was. He really likes me for me."

Rebel reached her weight loss goal after months of looking after her health and wellbeing – and she credits daily walks as being the game-changer.

She plans to keep up her routine next year.

Speaking on social media recently, Rebel said: "I’m going to start 2021 in an amazing place, with a healthy body and mind…and boosted immune system!

"Now on to maintaining the weight loss and the healthy lifestyle!"

She added: "I want you guys to know that the majority of the exercise that I’ve done this year has just been me going out for a walk. That is free, you can do it, it’s safe.

"Walking is the best way for me – for my body type – to metabolize fat…get out there and walk. If you can do an hour, that’s what I like to do, when I go walking, and it is the best. Just get your body moving."

Rebel said part of her focus this year has been on her eating habits.

She explained: "For me, the big thing was looking at my emotional eating and why I was doing it, and working on the mental side, which for me comes down to self-love really.

"It's so hard to teach someone about that…I don't think I've arrived at some final destination yet."

Rebel has told how her weight issues began decades ago after she was diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome.

She said: "I've been overweight for about 20 years. I started gaining weight when I was about 20. I had something called PCOS—polycystic ovarian syndrome—and I gained weight rapidly.

"It's just a hormone imbalance and you gain a lot of weight usually and that's how it manifested in me. Sometimes, I feel sad, but then at the same time, I worked my body to my advantage. I like being all sizes. It's just now turning 40, I am more health-conscious and thinking of starting a family."

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