‘Rather kick a wall with my bare foot’ Chris Harris’ brutal verdict on Top Gear co-hosts

‘Rather kick a wall with my bare foot’ Chris Harris’ brutal verdict on Top Gear co-hosts


Top Gear’s Chris Harris jokes he feels 'old' in his new glasses

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Top Gear is back with a new series and in the latest episode co-hosts Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris took a trip down memory lane in some of TV’s most famous cop cars. The trio may seem to get along and have banter onscreen, but in a new interview, Chris admitted he wouldn’t like to go to his co-stars’ houses.

The presenter compared his relationship with Paddy and Freddie to that of MasterChef judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode, who have never been to each other’s house.

“I don’t find what Greg and John do odd at all,” Chris admitted.

“I count Paddy and Freddie as friends but I don’t want to go to their houses.”

Taking a swipe at the Take Me Out presenter, Chris added: “If I’m driving up north, I don’t think I’ll pop in and see Paddy for a cup of tea. I’d rather kick a wall with my bare foot.”

Chris went on to admit he barely speaks with his co-stars once they have wrapped up filming.

However, he said the trio have a “couple of weeks decompression” before he gets “a random offensive message from one of them”.

He added to The Sun: “I took my kids around Freddie’s the other day because he’s got a swimming pool. It’s cheaper than the council baths for me.

“I can’t afford that level of luxury but luckily I have a friend who does. It was lovely.”

During last Sunday’s instalment of Top Gear, Chris got emotional during one part of filming.

The episode saw the hosts get to try out Starsky and Hutch’s Ford Gran Torino, Magnum PI’s Ferrari and Inspector Morse’s Jaguar.

Although, Chris getting to drive Morse’s car was an emotional moment for him.

He told Express.co.uk: “I had the chance to drive the actual Jaguar from Inspector Morse because I am a Morse tragic.

“So I was sitting there pretty much welling up with [Paddy] looking at me on the way to going, ‘You’re such a p***k’.”

“But for me, it was a really ‘I loved it’ moment but I did turn the radio up and not hear [Paddy],” Chris went on to add.

Freddie continued: “I enjoyed the cop cars, [Chris] had the Morse one and I had the Magnum Ferrari but then we got the chance to make our own trailers some of us got into it more than others.”

Indicating to Chris, he said: “For someone who can do things in a car I’ve never seen in my life to be so unimpressive just driving through some cardboard boxes it made me laugh so much.”

Later on in the series, the trio will take on the challenge of testing out electric cars on a race track.

Chris explained they got to test drive an unusual car that had been converted into an electric model.

Speaking of that moment, the presenter recalled: “We drove some electric cars and I won’t give a game away but there’s a very unlikely vehicle that had been electrified and had been given a level of performance that you simply cannot imagine.

“[Paddy] was driving it and the first time he opened it up, he was next to me and his face was the look of pure unadulterated shock as it goes off the line.”

Top Gear continues on BBC One on Sunday at 8pm.

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