Poor cant pay for the rich Ash Sarkar blasts Edwina Currie Youre being disingenuous

Poor cant pay for the rich Ash Sarkar blasts Edwina Currie Youre being disingenuous


GMB: Sarkar says Edwina Currie is ‘being disingenuous’

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Commentator Ash Sarkar argued that former Conservative Edwina Currie was being disingenuous while discussing resolving the issues of social care. While speaking on Good Morning Britain, Ms Sarkar argued that the poor should not be forced to take the brunt of the payment on social care. She added that it should be wealth not wages that are used to fund social care reform, in response to the suggestion that an increase in National Insurance could be the solution.

An increase in National Insurance would see those of working age see an increase in tax while those over the age of 65 would not as they stop paying National Insurance at this age. 

This has sparked a mass debate on generational fairness as the Government attempts to tackle this issue.

Ms Sarkar said: “I am in full agreement this needs sorting out and it needs sorting out urgently.

“But you can’t do it by making the poor pay for the rich.

“The way in which it should be done is by taxing wealth and not wages.

“We have had stagnant wage growth in this country for well over a decade.

“People are not enjoying hugely generous pay packets compared to 10 or 15 years ago.”

She went on to criticise Ms Currie who claimed it was not unfair to ask the poorest people contribute to paying social care.

Andy Burnham demands taxes are raised to pay for social care

Ms Sarkar said: “Edwina, I am sorry, is being completely disingenuous when she is pretending the only way to tax health is in inheritance tax, that is simply not the case.

“I gave you two policies that could be implemented tomorrow by the Chancellor if he wanted. 

“These would be equalising capital gains in income tax and also having a 1 percent tax on millionaires.

“This would bring in money immediately in a way that is fair.”

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