Piers Morgan shouts 'easy tiger' at Susanna Reid as she makes sex joke about his 'lockdown helmet'

Piers Morgan shouts 'easy tiger' at Susanna Reid as she makes sex joke about his 'lockdown helmet'


PIERS Morgan shouted "easy tiger" at Susanna Reid for making a cheeky sex joke about his "lockdown helmet".

The 55-year-old was caught off guard by saucy Susanna's quip as he revealed his helmet to viewers this morning.

He showed off a gold helmet with his name on the front that he'd been gifted from budget store Aldi.

Piers told Good Morning Britain: "So this is great, this was waiting for me in my dressing room today."

Susanna jumped in and said: "Is that your lockdown helmet?"

The pair then burst out laughing, as Piers shouted: "Easy tiger…"

He continued: "When I was younger my favourite movie was Top Gun, I went to see it ten times at the cinema and I watch it every year.

"I always wanted to be the wingman.. Then I get this in my dressing room this morning.

"There's a new wingman in town. It's brilliant."

Piers then went on to reveal the helmet was a gift from budget store Aldi for being a leading figure in the pandemic.

"it's rather nice actually," he said.

"We get so much abuse just for being us during this pandemic.

"For taking on the government we got abuse, we get get abused left right and centre.

"But Aldi commissioned a poll to celebrate the people who have really kept the nation going and thank our wingmen and women to keep the nation smiling."

The 55-year-old was awarded seventh place in the list for his barrage of tweets to government ministers and being a "mouthpiece for the nation's frustrations".

But his position in the poll wasn't what caught his eye.

He added: "What's even more pleasing is I've split up the This Morning duo.

"Holly at 6, but Phil at 8.

"They knew how to please me, splitting up This Morning in that way, they knew how to please me. So thank you."

While Susanna Reid fell behind at 19th, David Attenborough topped the Aldi list.

Susanna teased Piers, asking: "Have you ever been in an Aldi, Piers?"

He replied: "I will be now. I will be wearing my helmet to Aldi later."

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