Piers Morgan left furious as Katie Price reveals son Harvey's online abuse 'keeps getting worse'

Piers Morgan left furious as Katie Price reveals son Harvey's online abuse 'keeps getting worse'


PIERS Morgan was furious on today's Good Morning Britain as Katie Price revealed her son Harvey's online troll abuse keeps getting worse.

The 18-year-old, who suffers from Parader-Willi Syndrome, autism, and partial blindness, has fallen victim to the cruel abuse for years.

Despite taking her campaign for Harvey's Law to Parliament and a recent BBC documentary highlighting her son's needs, there has been no let up in the bullying.

Katie said this morning: "The things they say about Harvey. I can't even show it on telly, it's disgusting."

Piers made his feelings clear, and said: "It makes me so angry."

Katie told how she's fighting to make online trolling a criminal offence and recounted how a man blacked up his face and mocked Harvey in a vile video.

"They've got to start taking action," fumed Piers. "It can't go on. To have an 18-year-old disabled boy whose got enough battles in his life being racially abused and abused about his disability is disgusting."

It comes a week after it was revealed a clothing designer is cashing in on disabled Harvey by selling offensive face masks with his photo on. 

The coronavirus face coverings feature a childhood picture of Harvey and the words: “Hello you c***.”

Harvey, who was born with a range of complex needs, accidentally said the phrase live on ITV1’s Loose Women in 2016. 

American designer Corey Schroeder is flogging the masks for £13.45 on the marketplace website teepublic.com. 

He is also selling equally vile T-shirts, stickers and mugs with the same picture and quote.

A source close to Katie, 42, told The Sun: "Katie is so upset, this is disgusting."

And her rep told us: "This is outrageous! Katie has not consented to having Harvey's image used for this purpose.

"We have sent a notice requesting they desist immediately."

Katie has campaigned for the government to change the law to tackle trolls after witnessing the online abuse Harvey gets.

Last year she gave evidence to MPs holding a Parliamentary inquiry into online abuse.

She called for the "virtual bullying" to be stamped out with a new law which would see social media users have to hand over details to end anonymous abuse.

Abusers should be "named and shamed" on a register where employers can check for improper behaviour online.

Her recent BBC1 documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me has been watched by more than 4million viewers.

The fly-on-the-wall show began as Harvey – who has a mental age of seven – celebrated his 18th birthday. 

He was then seen visiting residential colleges with devoted mum-of-five Katie, who wants to help him lead a more independent life now he is an adult. 

Harvey was born with Septic Optic Dysplasia, a rare disorder that affects brain function, hormones and vision. 

He also has Prader-Willi syndrome, which is a genetic condition that can impact muscle tone and the function of the nervous system, and he is autistic. 

Since the documentary aired, 42-year-old Katie – who is working hard to make online bullying and trolling illegal – has won widespread support and praise from fans. 

Harvey has also been offered the chance to become ambassador for the learning disability charity Mencap, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Network Rail.

The train enthusiast and his pal Zach seriously impressed bosses with their know-how and have both been asked if they would like to do a train announcement when lockdown is lifted.

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