Phil Schofield apologises to Dr Sara as his ‘rude’ interruption annoys viewers

Phil Schofield apologises to Dr Sara as his ‘rude’ interruption annoys viewers


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This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield apologised to Dr Sara after abruptly cutting her off during her health phone-in.

Viewers were left baffled ads Phillip abruptly interrupted Dr Sara as she offered advice during her health segment, as he said they had to go to the weather.

As soon as the latest weather update finished, they went straight back to Dr Sara, and Phillip quickly apologised for the interruption.

He said to Dr Sara that they had been "rudely interrupted by the weather", as he said sorry for the interruption, explaining that they had to cut away as the segment would air regardless.

However, viewers weren't impressed as they took to social media to tell off the host for the faux pas, with one saying: "Before we were so rudely interrupted…” yes by you Phil, acting as if it was a life and death matter that we need to hear the weather."

Another added: "Erm no Phil you were the one who interupted the caller not the weather. The weather could of waited ngl."

A third chipped in: "Sara is going to lose her trail of thought now after the weather and all these adverts."

A fourth said: "Are they paying out of their budget for the weather? Surely that could have waited 1 more minute seeing as when they return it will be extended 1 to 2 minutes at most."

A fifth swiped: "A prerecorded weather slot can't be stopped…"

Luckily, Dr Sara didn't seem to mind the interruption as she finished off her segment once the show had returned to her video link.

Meanwhile, Holly made a huge wardrobe change after injuring herself on air during Tuesday's show.

She usually opts for an elegant pair of heels to present alongside Phillip Schofield, but she revealed she had donned the flats in her pre-show outfit snap.

The blonde bombshell was forced to change into sandals for the Spin to Win segment on Tuesday's show after admitting she had secretly hurt herself during the show.

Holly had hurt her back after uncrossing her legs while sat on the sofa, and it seems the injury is still causing her discomfort.

This Morning continues airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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