Peter Andre's wife Emily blames 'young people and Noel Gallagher' for rise in coronavirus cases

Peter Andre's wife Emily blames 'young people and Noel Gallagher' for rise in coronavirus cases


PETER Andre's doctor wife Emily MacDonagh has weighed in on the spike in coronavirus cases.

The medical professional, 31, suggested that young people and rock star Noel Gallagher may be to blame for the increase.

Last week, musician Noel shocked many when he admitted he refused to wear a face mask and branded it "pointless", despite the medical community explaining its importance.

Writing in her OK! magazine column, Emily penned: "I think people are in two camps when it comes to mask wearing – they either say it’s up to me and I can work out my own risk, or they’re really concerned about Covid and are taking all the precautions.

"I think it’s predominately young people who feel the same as Noel, and probably as a result of this we are seeing more cases in young people.

"I understand people feel like the decision has been taken out of their hands, but we all need to do the same thing and pull together. It’s all very well being young and healthy but we need to protect the more vulnerable people in our society."

Emily added that face masks help "protect" vulnerable people in our communities.

The doctor added that "people should just accept that these are the rules, and know it won’t be this way forever."

Last week, Emily shared her acne fears as she went for skin treatment after wearing face masks on the Covid-19 frontline.

A&E doctor Emily shared the experience on the latest episode of The Sun's YouTube show Life with the Andres.

Having worked on the Covid frontline during the height of the pandemic, Emily revealed that her old problem of acne had flared up again after wearing a mask for so long.

Emily and Peter, 47, decided to pay a visit to the Aesthetic Clinic, which is run by Emily's brother Tom MacDonagh and his friend Mahmoud.

Speaking candidly as she lay down for treatment, Emily said: "I think it's really easy to underestimate acne and how it can affect your confidence and things like that.

"It'll be really nice to try and get on top of it a bit and there's no doubt kind of working with masks all day long has really, really not helped."

Emily looked chuffed with her results, and was full of praise for her brother.

She said: "Tom is 18 months younger than me but he's so much further through in his career because he hasn't had kids and all that stuff. So, he's younger than me and he's doing all these awesome things."

Despite her pretence at jealousy, Emily seemed very pleased to see Tom, and happy that his business was doing well in spite of the pandemic.

Emily and Peter have been married since 2015, and they have two children together: Amelia, 6, and Theo, 3.

Having met when she was still a medical student, these days Emily is a junior doctor who often gives health advice on Lorraine.

Emily and Peter also hosted a travel special on This Morning in 2017, which saw them revisiting their honeymoon destination of Santorini.

Emily has been candid about her acne fears in the past, previously trialling a glowing LED mask on her face to treat the skin condition last year.

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