Party Downs Sackson to spiral out of control if series returns

Party Downs Sackson to spiral out of control if series returns


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Adam Scott, Martin Starr and the rest of the Party Down team returned for a long-awaited third season in February, and the Starz series has already proven a hit amongst die-hard fans. Halfway through the new season, Tyrel Jackson Williams has spoken exclusively to about where his character Sackson could be headed in the future.

Party Down’s new cast members Williams and Zoë Chao are confident they’ll be back if a fourth season is confirmed.

Introduced in the second episode of Starz’s revival, aspiring content creator Sackson joins the main team on the floor whilst Chao’s chef Lucy works on her extravagant and often inedible creations in the kitchen.

The network has yet to confirm a fourth season, but cast members Starr and Ryan Hansen are hoping to continue the series for years to come.

“I would love to see Sackson not become an influencer and fully spiral out of control,” Williams teased. “Just a full-blown meltdown.”

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In his first episodes, the new server is struggling to find time to produce content for his followers while working his dead-end hospitality job.

Meanwhile, Lucy has been trying to introduce Party Down’s clients to her wacky food creations with very limited success.

“I would love Lucy to find a place where her food is appreciated,” Chao said. “I don’t know where that is…”

Over the series so far, the Party Down crew have catered a number of strange and chaotic events around Hollywood.

As each episode takes place at a very different function, Williams and Chao have given their own predictions for where the despondent staff could be placed next season.

“I was thinking something Western could be fun,” Chou suggested. “The cowboy hats and boots… Like a hoedown. Try to decorate the pink bowtie with some Western shizz.”

“I completely agree,” Williams added. “Party Down needs to do more themed parties. I feel like that would be really funny.”

Starr has also teased the possibility of bringing in his new Tulsa King co-star Sylvester Stallone for a cameo during a future episode.

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Although Starz has yet to confirm more seasons just yet, the cast are staying confident the series has a much longer shelf life than its previous two-season run.

“I don’t know why we only start out with six [episodes], but I think it’s just more of a teaser to see if this works and we can get back into the show again,” Starr told

“Which I hope. We’d all love to do this as much as they will allow it at the glorious Starz network.

“It’s so fun that they got back behind it. Not that they weren’t behind it before, but we went through a regime change there and somehow we’ve outlived that.

“People are there who really love the show and are champions of it and we get to do it again.”

Party Down was initially cancelled due to poor ratings combined with the blow of losing main cast members Scott and Jane Lynch to other projects.

Now most of the cast have reunited, it’s hoped the third season will be just the beginning of a new comedy staple for the increasingly popular Starz network.

Party Down season 3 continues Fridays on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.

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