Outlander fans expose baffling Jamie and Murtagh plot hole

Outlander fans expose baffling Jamie and Murtagh plot hole


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The upcoming seventh season of Outlander is still currently in the works, leaving millions of fans desperate to know what happens next for Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) and the Fraser clan. As more fans start turning to Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling series upon which the Starz hit is based for answers, some unfortunate missing details have been exposed involving Jamie (Sam Heughan) and his family.

Several eagle-eyed fans have uncovered a baffling plot hole regarding Outlander hero Jamie and his godfather Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix).

In Diana’s first novel, published in 1993, readers were originally introduced to time-travelling nurse Claire and her fearless Highlander husband Jamie.

During his travels with clanless Scotsmen, Jamie experiences his first of many near-death moments when his uncle Dougal Mackenzie (Graham McTavish) hits him with an axe.

However, his return seems to reveal a major oversight for the family when Murtagh is somehow unaware of the status of Jamie’s sister, Jenny Murray (Laura Donnelly).

Sharing their theory about the storyline, Redditor Fiction_escapist posted: “So Jamie gets hit in the head with an axe while with the clanless men.

“I assume well before that Dougal shared the lie about Jenny’s child. When he returns after healing he calls for Murtagh.

“Wouldn’t Murtagh have known about Jenny’s marriage? There’s nothing in the books explaining his disconnect is there?”

Murtagh is apparently unaware Jamie’s sister had been married to Ian Murray (Steven Cree) and had given birth to a child, despite having plenty of opportunities to talk to Dougal.

The revelation is presented as completely new information, but many observant Outlander fans soon realised all three men should have already known about Jenny’s marital status.

Nanchika agreed and added: “Plot hole. There is nothing explaining it.”

They also elaborated: “Yes, but while Jamie is in France, both times or raiding cattle like clanless men, Murtagh should have been living at Lallybroch estate or anywhere on Frasers’ lands.

“Since it is mentioned many times that gossip and information literally fly through the Highlands, it is logical that Murtagh knows about Jenny and Ian’s marriage.”

Some further explanation could be found in a spin-off graphic novel based on the series, entitled The Exile and based around Murtagh.

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They continued: “After Murtagh picks Jamie up on the coast of Scotland, after his return from the Abbey, they talk and Jamie says he didn’t plan to go back to Lallybroch.

“Murtagh says: ‘But Lallybroch’… and Jamie says: ‘I don’t care’, then Murtagh continues: ‘Your sister…’

“Jamie says: ‘I don’t care about my sister, Lallybroch nor Scotland.’

“So, he may know but he didn’t have a chance to tell that to Jamie because of Jamie’s stubbornness.”

Thankfully, Jamie’s often confusing family drama was streamlined once Starz began adapting Diana’s series to the small screen in 2014.

Even so, this obvious narrative error could still prove problematic when new fans start to discover the original books thanks to their love of the TV series.

Outlander seasons 1-6 are available on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.

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