Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen stunned as she discovers owl nest on farm

Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen stunned as she discovers owl nest on farm


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Amanda Owen was stunned when she discovered a rare sight on her farm – and she admitted she'd "never seen it before".

The Channel 5 star shot to farm with her husband Clive and their nine children on Our Yorkshire Farm, which documents their day-to-day life on Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire.

Amanda and her farming family have experienced surprises on Ravenseat over the last few months – from storms to power shortages.

However, even Amanda was baffled by one discovery in her barn – an owl nest – which came on a recent episode of Our Yorkshire Farm.

Proud mum Amanda found a tawny owl sitting on her eggs – and she took her youngest child Nancy into the barn to investigate the situation.

Amanda said: "We found a tawny owl sitting on its eggs."

She told 3-year-old Nancy: "Let's go and have a look and see how many eggs there are."

The stunning shepherdess showed viewers that there were three eggs in the owl's nest.

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She told viewers: "So there, that's the first time I've ever found an owl nest. She's got three beautiful eggs, so that is really exciting isn't it, Nancy?"

The little one agreed as Amanda went on: "So, you could have potentially three baby owls in here, how good is that?"

"You're going to have to get good with that mousetrap."

Nancy agreed: "We need to find a mouse for that tawny owl."

The Owen family have recently welcomed their latest family member on the farm – a pedigree Clydesdale horse named Hazel – two months after the tragic death of their pony.

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The family mourned the loss of their 40-year-old pony – Little Joe – and fans were sobbing as they said goodbye to their beloved pet in October.

Amanda has been preparing for Christmas, and on Wednesday (December 22) she shared a sweet Instagram snap of her youngest daughter Clemmy, five.

Clemmy was stood next to the family's pony Toby in the stable – and she was kitted out for the winter temperatures in a wooly hat and coat.

Amanda captioned the post: "There's been a flurry of activity this morning as Christmas preparations are underway."

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