Nick Nolte almost unrecognisable homeless and beardless in Philadelphia park

Nick Nolte almost unrecognisable homeless and beardless in Philadelphia park


The Cape Fear and Prince of Tides actor was captured across many days always wearing the same outfit of old jeans, a battered jacket and plaid shirt. Nolte also looks a little frail, standing and walking with a cane.

It’s a far cry from Hollywood red carpets and his life with fourth wife Clytie Lane, with whom he shares a daughter Sophie, who was born in 2007.

It’s hard to believe this is a star who launched his career as a male model in the late 1960s and featured blonde and bronzed in Clairol hair colouring adverts.

Last week, he still had his famous bushy beard, but the 80-year-old looks almost unrecognisable today after shaving it off.

In some images he can be seen holding a sign saying “Singing For Tips.”

The scenes captured below are currently being filmed in the famous Rittenhouse Square, which is set in one of the most affluent suburbs in the entire United States.

Nick Nolte looks almost unrecognisable

Nick Nolte is far from his usual Hollywood life.

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Nick Nolte in shabby clothes with a cane

Nick Nolte looks down and out playing a homeless man in his latest movie, Rittenhouse.

Nick Nolte plays a homeless man in his new film

The 80-year-old actor takes a break from long hours filming his new movie Rittenhouse 

Nick Nolte last week with a full beard

The actor had his trademark full beard until very recently but shaved it off for new scenes this week.

NIck Nolte with co-star Dharon E Jones

Jones plays a young musician who makes friends with Nolte’s homeless man

Nick Nolte and wife Clytie

Nick Nolte has been with his fourth wife Clytie for almost twenty years but they only married in 2016

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