New Channel 5 drama Intruder promises 'cover-up, corruption and murder' after botched burglary at family home

New Channel 5 drama Intruder promises 'cover-up, corruption and murder' after botched burglary at family home


INTRUDER promises "a dangerous path of cover up, corruption and murder" as the four-part thriller arrives on Channel 5.

The drama, starring Broadchurch actress Pauline Quirke, tracks an affluent couple whose lives are left in turmoil following a break-in at their luxury coastal home.

Teenagers Tommy and Syed are held responsible and a family liaison officer is brought in to help yet all are embroiled in the "edge of your seat" action as things turn dark.

Birds of a Feather actress Pauline Quirke stars as the officer, while Elaine Cassidy and Tom Meeten play crime victims Rebecca and Ben.

Filming has already begun on the Dublin set, suggesting the action will be a mix of city and beach-side settings.

The programme comes hot on the heels of Channel 5's return to original drama with Cold Call.

Executive Producer and Managing Director of Clapperboard Mike Benson teased the gripping action and said: "Intruder is a tale about one awful decision by a married middle class couple, which leads them into increasingly dark deeds and compromises everything they purport to stand for – prepare for a turbulent ride ahead!”

The show also grants TV debuts to Adam Richardson and Sooney Poon Tip, who play Tommy and Syed respectively.

Channel 5 Deputy Director of Programmes, ViacomCBS Networks UK, Sebastian Cardwell added: “Drama has increasingly become an important part of Channel 5’s programming slate.

"Intruder demonstrates our continued ambition to collaborate with talented indies such as Clapperboard to deliver punchy prime time drama.”

The drama has been written and directed by Gareth Tunley and produced by Clapperboard Studios.

Cold Call, meanwhile, set a high bar to follow and previously starred former Corrie actress Sally Lindsay.

She played June – a woman who has all her money taken by a cold call fraud scam – in the four-part Channel 5 drama.

June is employed as a carer for the elderly mother of a rich local businessman, who she suspects runs the company that scammed her out of her money.

She said: "Her as a carer she becomes invisible [in the house].

"A woman of a certain age literally becomes invisible in our society, especially someone who is a low earner, it's almost like they don't exist.

"And I think that's the thing that June has had enough of, and it was great fun to play."

Intruder will air on Channel 5 in 2021.

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