Netflixs Most Hated Man Hunter Moore started revenge video site to ruin lives

Netflixs Most Hated Man Hunter Moore started revenge video site to ruin lives


Hunter Moore, 36, is the focus of Netflix's new docu-series The Most Hated Man on the Internet, which follows one of his victim's mother as she makes it her mission to take him and the site down.

In an audio clip heard in the docu-series, the self-dubbed "King of Revenge Porn" reveals the sick reason he launched twisted site IsAnyoneUp.

"It all started with me hating some dumb b***h who broke my heart," he laughs.

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The sickening clip continues to reveal how Hunter got his friends involved.

"Me and my friends would just post a bunch of girls on IsAnyoneUp, and we just got a bunch of traffic one day. And I was like, 'Yo, I can make money off of t*****s and f**king people over,'" he brags.

At 26 Hunter launched the site and engaged in an email-hacking scheme and mass photo piracy. From 2010 to 2012, he went on a life-destroying rampage, relishing in the distress of his victims, calling the site a place "where revengeful exes come for peace of mind."

To make matters worse, Hunter would often post a picture of the victim's social media platforms, exposing them further.

As sick as the site was, IsAnyoneUp was successful and was making Hunter "thousands a month." His reign of terror saw a cult following amass, as he manipulated his "children" to provide even more harrowing content.

However, when Charlotte Laws' daughter Kayla had her photos stolen by Hunter and exposed on the site, Charlotte was out for her own revenge.

During her three year campaign to bring Hunter to justice, Laws was faced with threats of rape and murder at the hands of his followers, dubbed "The Family" similar to the sixties cult led by Charles Manson.

Speaking to The Sun, Charlotte said: "Moore gloated that he was 'pure evil' and it was all about being, in his own words, a 'professional life-ruiner.'"

"A lot of people on the internet thought he was cool, that what he was doing was innovative and creative," she said.

Laws was forced to take matters into her own hands as police reportedly refused to help. As her campaign gained momentum and with the help of her hesitant-at-first husband, Charles, Hunter was taken to court and Kayla's photos were taken down after 30 minutes.

But Charlotte wasn't prepared to stop fighting for the other victims of the site.

After receiving evidence from Charlotte, the FBI began investigating hacking claims. Anti-cyberbullying campaigner James McGibney found nudes belonging to underage girls on the site.

Seemingly admitting defeat, Hunter sold the site to James for around £12,000, who shut it down and redirected users to an apology on his Bullyville site.

However, as the FBI investigation appeared to have slowed, Hunter started on the second version of his site, claiming it would be "the scariest thing on the internet."

Threats began coming through to Charlotte's landline and eventually underground hacker, Anonymous, stood in to protect her.

They hacked Hunter's bank account, transferring all of his money to a women's shelter, sent hundreds of sex-toys to his house and declared him dead in the state of California.

They also wiped the content from his storage so he couldn't go through with his sick plans.

The FBI found hacker Charlie Evens who had been paid to hack into women's accounts and steal photos.

Coincidently, Hunter was arrested in December 2015 and jailed for 30 months for hacking and copyright theft, until he was released in 2017.

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