Netflix’s ‘Intrusion’ Ending Explained

Netflix’s ‘Intrusion’ Ending Explained


Netflix has been preparing for the Halloween season with its horror and thriller movies. Intrusion blends thriller, horror, mystery, and drama into its narrative. It currently has the coveted number one spot in Netflix’s top 10. Intrusion has received lukewarm-to-negative reviews, but it’s still gaining traction on the streaming platform. Here’s a look at what happened at the end and if there will be a sequel.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Intrusion.]

‘Intrusion’ is a marital drama and thriller

Intrusion sets Meera (Freida Pinto) as the lead protagonist. She moved to a small town with her husband Henry (Logan Marshall-Green). He designed a massive, picturesque home for them to live in. Meera has a history of health issues, but the move seems to be a good direction for the married couple.

Meera and Henry go out to dinner on a date night, but return to discover that someone has broken into their home. Everything is in complete disarray, although nothing too serious has been taken. However, the experience has shaken Meera to her core. Their paradise doesn’t feel as safe as it once did.

The home gets broken into again, but this time, it ends in Henry killing the intruders with a gun that Meera never knew he had. She begins to question all those around her and even doubts her own husband. There’s something about him that doesn’t seem quite right.

To make matters worse, Meera is informed that a young woman named Christine (Megan Elisabeth Kelly) disappeared. Meera starts to investigate, discovering that the home invasions are linked to Christine’s disappearance. The intruders were Christine’s family.

What happened at the end of ‘Intrusion’?

Meera strangely believes Henry’s poor attempts at covering up some of his secrets, such as having met Christine before. She ultimately discovers the truth while they’re hosting a housewarming party. Meera finally gets the opportunity to watch a videotape that she took from a mailbox earlier in the film. The video explains how Henry was making creepy advances toward Christine. Her family was breaking into their home to further investigate her disappearance. The video explains how Henry’s office was a specific location of interest.

Meera heads to the office and discovers a hidden basement where Christine is chained up to a pipe. She tries to free the young woman, but Henry finds out that she’s discovered his secret. He ties her up as well and returns back to the party to send everybody home.

Henry returns to find that Meera has freed herself. She hits him over the head with a figurine of Big Ben that he had gifted to her previously. She kills her husband and escapes with Christine.

The movie concludes with the beautiful house being sold. Meera finishes packing up her things and leaves to being a new life. She’s finally free.

Will there be a sequel?

Intrusion has a definitive ending. Henry is dead and Meera ultimately managed to escape with Christine. There isn’t anything else to explore in this story, so a sequel is very unlikely. However, this isn’t director Adam Salky’s first movie. It’s possible that audiences will see more of his work. Salky has two projects currently in pre-production titled The Ceremony and Oasis.

Intrusion is currently available exclusively on Netflix.

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