Nadia Sawalha fears she’ll never ‘freely hug her parents again’ in sad admission

Nadia Sawalha fears she’ll never ‘freely hug her parents again’ in sad admission


Loose Women 's Nadia Sawalha has opened up about her coronavirus fears as she admitted she's scared she will never properly cuddle her parents again.

The 55-year-old made the heartbreaking admission during a discussion about the second coronavirus lockdown in England on Tuesday's Loose Women.

Ruth revealed she missed hugging her mother as she now can only see and chat to her through a window.

Nadia then confessed she feels "brainwashed" with all lockdown rules and information about coronavirus, and she fears she'll "never freely hug her parents again".

The women were also discussing the coronavirus vaccine, and how adults living in care homes and care home workers are top of the priority list to get it.

Those aged 80 and over and health and social care workers are second in line to get the vaccine.

Nadia was saying she's worried she might never feel comfortable enough to get close to her elderly parents due to living under coronavirus restrictions for so long.

The television star's father, actor Nadim Sawalha, and mum Bobbie are in their eighties.

Nadia also confessed she's not sure she'll get the new vaccine when it becomes available.

She explained: "I don't know yet whether I would have the vaccine, that's for sure."

This baffled her co-star Janet Street-Porter, who said everyone should have the vaccine.

Janet said: "Of course you should get the vaccine, why would you not?"

"It's proved to be 90% efficient, why would you not have it?", the journalist added.

Janet continued: "I think what's happening is, over the internet there are anti-vaccination theories and that bothers me."

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