Motherland stars Diane Morgan and Anna Maxwell Martin desperately tried to avoid filming scenes with kids

Motherland stars Diane Morgan and Anna Maxwell Martin desperately tried to avoid filming scenes with kids


MOTHERLAND stars Diane Morgan and Anna Maxwell Martin have revealed they desperately try to avoid filming scenes with the kids on the hit show.

The sitcom, which first premiered back in 2017, follows a group of middle-class mums who live in London and what they get up to outside the school gates.

The show, which is written by Sharon Horgan, Helen Linehan and Graham Linehan, is based on competition, gossiping and the friendship of parents in the playground.

Although the children aren't seen as often as parents Julia, Liz, Kevin, Amanda, Anne and Meg on the show, two cast members like to avoid filming with them at all costs.

Actress Diane Morgan, 45 – who plays single-mum Liz, told The Mirror: “Me and Anna are always trying to work out ways we can avoid scenes with children.”

The star, who has also had roles in Rovers, Afterlife and Mandy, feels like her time on the programme has also justified her reason to not have kids.

She added: “I’ve never wanted children for a split second. The pain, the expense, the hassle… I can’t see any advantages.

“Then I work on Motherland and feel vindicated.

"People say, ‘Yeah but who’ll look after you in your old age?’ What? Are you only having kids to be your carers?”

Line of Duty star Anna, 44, who is mother to two daughters who she shares with Roger Michell, also steers clear from watching Motherland with her kids.

The actress plays Julia Johnson in the programme, who also has two children with her hunky husband Paul.

She revealed: “My kids hate Julia. They ­absolutely hate Motherland. They won’t watch it. It’s not funny for them.

“They hate seeing me like that; seeing me that stressed.

“They are the centre of my life. More than anything else. It’s me and my girls. I mean, otherwise, what is it all for?”

After premiering in 2017, Motherland became a huge hit and a second series aired two years later.

Last month all six episodes of the third season was released on iPlayer for fans to binge.

There was also a Christmas special for viewers to enjoy in December 2020.

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