Monty Don wife: Who is the Gardeners World presenters wife?

Monty Don wife: Who is the Gardeners World presenters wife?


Monty Don explains when to harvest cucumbers

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Monty Don will be leading Friday’s episode of Gardeners’ World on BBC Two. He will show viewers how to deal with drought and take fuchsia cuttings. Fans are keen to find out more about the presenter, including who his wife is.

Who is Monty Don’s wife?

Monty Don replaced Alan Titchmarsh as the lead presenter of Gardeners’ World back in 2003.

Ever since he has provided the perfect sense of escapism for viewers on Friday evenings.

Since then he has gone on to write and produce a number of garden series of his own.

When he is not filming for Gardeners’ World, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

He married his wife, Sarah Erskine, in 1983.

They had three children together – sons Adam and Tom, and daughter Freya.

Monty and his wife lived in Islington, London, while Monty was studying at the London School of Economics.

The couple later moved to Hackney, where they created their first garden.

In 1989 they left the big city and relocated to The Hanburies, in Herefordshire.

They lost the house after their jewellery business was forced to end.

In 1991, they bought their home near Leominster, where the Longmeadow garden is situated.

The couple spent a huge amount of time and money renovating the house, which was unfit for purpose when they bought it.

They were finally able to move into the house at the end of 1992.

In 1981 Monty and his wife set up Monty Don Jewellery in London.

The company became a huge success and their costume jewellery was stocked at a number of major retailers.

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Sadly in 1987, the stock market crash meant they had to say goodbye to their business.

Monty opened up about running a business with Sarah in an interview with The Independent in 2005.

He said: “When we were flying, we were really flying. At our best, we were the best in the world at what we did.

“The jewellery business was good fun for three out of our nine years.

“I was working with someone I loved. And I loved the tools and the skills that came with it.

“We certainly learnt a good deal from the whole experience.”

Sarah and Monty wrote a book called The Jewel Garden about their experience working together.

In the book, Sarah admitted she felt people ignored her and paid more attention to her husband.

She said: “It was always a collaboration, though the factory owner who made up our jewellery only seems to listen to [Monty].”

“I was invisible.”

Gardeners’ World is airing on Friday on BBC Two at 8pm.

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