Money Heists Tokyo star breaks silence on explosive season 5 ending Love you

Money Heists Tokyo star breaks silence on explosive season 5 ending Love you


Netflix's Money Heist season 5 official trailer

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Money Heist season five.

The final series of La Casa De Papel was never going to be dull and the explosive first five episodes left viewers on the edge of their seats as the gang took on their biggest challenge yet, the Spanish army. As fans race through the latest episodes, actress Úrsula Corberó has spoken out on her character Tokyo’s fate.

In episode five of season five, Tokyo was shot in her arms and legs by a sniper who fired through a window in the kitchen of the Bank of Spain where she was hiding with Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Manila (Belén Cuesta).

The trio were trapped by the gang’s biggest challenge to date, the Spanish army.

Tokyo was determined not to give up and formed a trench in the kitchen with the help of Denver and Manila to prepare for the army’s break into the kitchen.

Rio (Miguel Herran) was desperate not to lose Tokyo and began to drill a hole in the floor of the kitchen to try and reach her from below but he didn’t make it in time.

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As Denver and Manila climbed down the dumbwaiter in the kitchen to safety, Tokyo shot at the army.

But firing alone wasn’t enough and the army soon shot Tokyo several times and in the final moments she was seen curled up on the floor.

Gandia ((José Manuel Poga) stood over her ready to shoot but was shocked when Tokyo unfurled her hand to reveal four pins for the grenades on her chest.

As he shouted “get back” the grenades went up and Tokyo, along with the army were blown up.

The rest of the gang who could hear the explosion and Tokyo’s final words were left devastated.

Many fans had expected Tokyo to survive the heist as she has been narrating the series from the start.

However, as she had four grenades strapped to her chest it is unlikely she would have survived at all.

Úrsula took to Instagram hours after season five dropped on Netflix to react to her final scenes.

She posted several shots of herself on set with her cast mates, with the first showing Tokyo, Manila and Denver on the roof of the bank.

Another showed the trio preparing to go onto the roof to attack the Spanish army, while another captured her kicking her Gandia co-star in the face.

Úrsula could also be seen dancing with her co-stars in the final picture shared on her Instagram account.

The Spanish actress simply captioned the shot: “Love you,” alongside a red rose emoji.

The La Casa De Papel account replied with three heart emojis while co-star Belén wrote: “Love you, Nena!”

Ahead of the final season, Úrsula told Harper’s Bazaar she cried every day on set as she filmed her last scenes.

“I remember I couldn’t stop crying while filming every scene. There was a pain in my stomach,” she told the publication.

“Because a lot of crazy things happened to me with this show and my life changed.”

Money Heist season 5, part 2 airs on Netflix on December 3.

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