Michelle Keegan has unprotected sex in a portaloo in ANOTHER x-rated scene from Sky's Brassic

Michelle Keegan has unprotected sex in a portaloo in ANOTHER x-rated scene from Sky's Brassic


MICHELLE Keegan has sex in a portaloo as she continues her slew of X-rated scenes in new Sky comedy Brassic.

The 32-year-old actress's character Erin is seen getting jiggy with boyfriend Dylan in the unconventional spot – but it seems their spur of the moment romp isn't without its consequences.

The star passionately snogs co-star Damien Molony as they get down to business in the toilet box, with Damien even putting her hand over her mouth during one frisky moment.

It isn't the first time viewers of the Sky One show will have seen Michelle take part in a sex scene.

Her character is also seen having an orgasm in the opening minutes of the series as she straddles her boyfriend in their bedroom.

She screams: "I'm c***ing" while moving back and forth vigorously on top of the lad, with the scene filmed from behind.

When Dylan complains that he hasn't finished, Erin crudely replies: "You can finish on my t*ts."

It comes after the former Corrie star told The Sun her racy portaloo scene was filmed moments after meeting Damien.

She said: "I literally just met Damo and then we had a sex scene in the Portaloo.

"It was literally like, 'Hi, nice to meet you,' then we’re told, 'Right guys, will you go in the Portaloo?' It was a confined space but it sort of worked for this scene."

Michelle, who is married to former Towie star Mark Wright, has spoken about how delighted she is to be appearing in the Sky original drama.

She said: "It was the script that won me over. When I got sent the first few episodes I remember laughing out loud and straight away it had me hooked.

Brassic, which is available to watch subscription-free on The Sun Online right here, is the story of a gang of criminal pals.

In it, Dylan is forced to make a big decision because his girlfriend Erin is desperate to leave town.

She wants her boyfriend to call it a day with his criminal ways and start a new life for himself.

However, in doing so, it would also mean cutting ties with his best mate Vinnie, who is played by Joseph Gilgun.

Watch the first episode of Brassic here and the show continues on Thurdsays at 10pm on Sky One and Now TV

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