Mayor of Kingstown creator Hugh Dillon banished from hometown

Mayor of Kingstown creator Hugh Dillon banished from hometown


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Mayor of Kingstown has returned with its second season premiering on Paramount+. The epic prison drama has been a resounding success with viewers excited to see what’s to come this time around. Creator Hugh Dillon had been determined for years to write a show about his hometown but it wasn’t an easy journey to get back to the city in Ontario.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Mayor of Kingstown.

Hugh Dillon, 59, may be an award-winning actor, rubbing shoulders with A-list stars from around the world nowadays but he didn’t always live the high life.

The Mayor of Kingstown mastermind used to live in the titular city which famously had 10 prisons at its peak.

It was during his younger years Dillon started to get involved in crime, leading him down the wrong path.

So his parents intervened, forcing their son away from the town which is now highlighted every week in the Paramount+ drama.

Dillon explained exclusively to “At one point I was living in England because I had to leave the country because I was involved in drugs and guns and it was 1981 and I moved to Brixton.

“My parents said, ‘Where do you want to go?’ and I always loved music and culture, loved the Pistols and The Clash and said, ‘I don’t know, London.”

Unfortunately, trouble soon followed him to the UK as well with the actor, director and singer being arrested and going to Marylebone Court.

Despite not working out in London, he still wasn’t allowed to be in Kingstown as his parents worried about what he might do there.

He said: “It was time to go home and I went to Toronto because I had a note from my mum that said, ‘You can’t come back to Kingstown for five years’, that was part of me leaving and buying me an airplane ticket.

“So I moved to Toronto and went to work at a hospital for sick children and started writing songs, got a record deal.

“That helped me develop that skillset of writing with the songs I write, it was all character driven and the world.

“So when I got into acting, working with Taylor [Sheridan], it was scaling up in terms of the character and the depth and that environment.

“For me, I was always driven to this [life] of drugs and crime and you write what you know.”

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Dillon worked with Yellowstone creator Sheridan for a decade, even starring in the Western drama as Sheriff Donnie Haskell until season four.

But after 10 years of them discussing the idea, the pair were able to bring the dream of the Mayor of Kingstown to life.

This meant Dillon was able to return to his childhood town after spending years away from his family.

And it was for this reason the drama has been so important to Dillon personally.

He added: “There was a profound sense of satisfaction, artistically, having never given up that dream.

“There were some points in time it seemed like this was never going to happen.

“I had been thinking about this movie or show or variation of it for 30 years and to have it come to fruition, at that point, my parents were in their 90s, and to see that I made it home.”

Mayor of Kingstown season 2 is available to watch on Sundays in the USA and Mondays in the UK on Paramount+.

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