Matrix Resurrections: Hugo Weaving Agent Smith and Laurence Fishburne Morpheus ‘to appear’

Matrix Resurrections: Hugo Weaving Agent Smith and Laurence Fishburne Morpheus ‘to appear’


The Matrix Resurrections: First trailer for new film

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It’s been almost 20 years since The Matrix trilogy ended and now the mysterious The Matrix Resurrections is set to hit cinemas in December. Somehow Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss’ Neo and Trinity are alive with memories of the original film but they don’t recognise each other. While the first trailer even featured Yahya Abdul-Matten II as a younger version of Morpheus.

While fans speculate over just what on Earth is going on in The Matrix Resurrections, new reports are claiming that both Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith and Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus are set to feature in the fourth outing.

According to One Take News’ sources, Weaving has a limited role in the movie and will appear in flashbacks.

It’s reported that he was originally set to appear in the movie and even attended table reads and costuming fittings.

However, writer-director Lana Wachowski apparently wrote him out so he could meet his prior commitment.

Instead, Smith will feature via archive footage in quick flashes that mirror whatever is happening in The Matrix Resurrections.

Although the outlet added, “that Smith is in the film beyond flashbacks.”

As an example, they pointed out how a statue of him in a slow-mo punch from The Matrix Revolutions featured in the first trailer behind Jonathan Groff’s character.

Additionally, One Take News’ sources reported that Fishburne’s Morpheus will feature via flashbacks in the same way as Weaving’s Smith during The Matrix Resurrections.

The Matrix Resurrections: Teaser for full trailer released

Insiders shared that a statue of his character will also feature at some point in the movie.

If that weren’t enough, a couple of months ago there was a report that The Matrix 5 is set up at the end of The Matrix Resurrections.

So could a new trilogy be in the works at Warner Bros allowing Weaving and Fishburne’s characters to come back properly?


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According to Giant Freakin Robot’s trusted and proven sources, the final scene of The Matrix Resurrections features Neo and Trinity.

Reeves and Moss’ characters are talking to Neil Patrick Harris’ mystery part and tell him that a new battle is about to begin.

The outlet was unable to confirm whether or not this was the final scene of The Matrix Resurrections or actually an end credits scene. Nevertheless, their insider confirmed this was intentionally setting up The Matrix 5.

The Matrix Resurrections hits cinemas on December 22, 2021.




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