Marvel Comic-Con 2019: The 5 Biggest Phase 4 Bombshells, Including Everything We Know About Valkyrie

Marvel Comic-Con 2019: The 5 Biggest Phase 4 Bombshells, Including Everything We Know About Valkyrie


Marvel is taking things to a whole new level in Phase 4 of the MCU. During a panel at Comic-Con San Diego, Marvel revealed its full schedule over the next two years. Not only does this include a hefty 10 different titles, but the studio has tapped some major Hollywood talent to lead the way into Phase 4. Here’s are five of the biggest releases in Marvel’s lineup, including a look at Valkyrie.

1. Marvel announces major solo projects

During the Hall H panel, Marvel announced that Black Widow, Thor, and Doctor Strange will all be getting solo movies in the coming years. Marvel president Kevin Feige teased that Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy will be getting sequels, though an official premiere date has not been set.

Feige then confirmed the rumors about the Eternals, which is setto open in theaters in the fall of 2020. The movie will star the likes ofAngelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, and Kumail Nanjiani.

Marvel also announced that Doctor Strange will be getting a sequelbut with a twist. The movie is titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse ofMadness and is being characterized as Marvel’s first horror movie. The filmwill hit theaters in May of 2021.

The first movie in Marvel’s Phase 4, meanwhile, is Black Widow,which should be out in theaters sometime next year. The movie is currently inproduction and stars Scarlett Johanssonand David Harbour, who is best known for his role as Jim Hopper in StrangerThings.

2. Thor gets another movie

One of the biggest announcements was related to the upcoming Thor film. According to 10 Daily, Chris Hemsworth is returning as Thor and will reprise his role alongside Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie.

But the biggest news regarding the project is the return ofNatalie Portman as Jane Foster, who will appear as the new Thor in the movie.The actress made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con, where she was given thehonor of wielding Thor’s hammer.

Thor: Love and Thunder is an adaptation from the MightThor comics by Jason Aaron. The comics feature Jane Foster becoming the nextThor, something Portman says she has been looking forward to playing for a longtime.

3. Valkyrie gets a big upgrade

In addition to Portman’s involvement in the next Thor movie,titled Thor: Love and Thunder, Thompson’s character will also be gettingmore screen time. Thompson made a big splash in Thor: Ragnarok as Valkyrie and fans were thrilledwhen Marvel announced that she is returning for at least one more outing.

While Hemsworth has yet to read the script for the film, Thompsonrevealed that Valkyrie will be searching for a queen to rule at her side in thenew Asgard. This confirms earlier theories about Valkyrie and adds another layer ofdiversity to the MCU. In fact, Valkyrieis the first hero in the MCU that is connected to the LGBTQ community and willlikely not be the last.

4. Marvel kicks of television franchises

Aside from its lineup of movie projects, Marvel is getting readyto kick off several television shows for Disney +. This includes Tom Hiddlestonstarring in Loki, Jeremy Renner reprising his part in Hawkeye, Falconand the Winter Soldier featuring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, andElizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVision.

Marvel has not revealed too much information about the televisionseries, though things that happened in the first Doctor Strange filmwill affect some of the shows. The television franchises are expected to launchon Disney + in the fall of 2021.

5. Marvel teases X-Men projects

Feige was very careful about only revealing information about thenext two years in the MCU, but he did tease some projects that will be releasedlater in Phase 4. Disney recently acquired the rights to several franchises inMarvel Comics, including X-Men and Deadpool.

It is pretty much a given that Marvel will continue the Deadpoolfranchise given its huge popularity, though Feige hinted that X-Men will alsoget some screen time in the near future.

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