MAFS UK expert Mel snaps at Jonathan over his comments: Listen to yourself!

MAFS UK expert Mel snaps at Jonathan over his comments: Listen to yourself!


Married At First Sight UK was full of drama on Wednesday night during the tense commitment ceremony.

As each couple made the decision to either stay together or leave, Jonathan Wileman, who is married to Sophie Brown, was confronted over some of his weight comments recently.

In a previous episode, Jonathan was slammed by viewers after he said of women working out at the gym: "I don't want someone who has got horse legs."

And during Wednesday's commitment ceremony, things got a little heated between Jonathan, the experts, and even some of the other participants on the show, with Mel Schilling eventually snapping that he needs to "listen to himself".

Sophie revealed that some of the comments made by Jonathan had left her feeling upset as the pair took part in the couple’s retreat.

Explaining to the experts what had been said, Sophie said: "I was going to the gym with Matt and Duka and then Jonathan made a few comments about how I shouldn’t do what they’re doing, so as to not attain the same body shape that they have."

As she said this, the experts and other contestants could be seen pulling faces at these comments, expressing their shock and disbelief.

Defending himself, Jonathan responded: "If you know me as a person you’ll know I say things in a blunt way, not necessarily seriously but in jest a lot of the time.

"If I do offend someone, I'll say like, I will be generally: 'Sod it, I don't really care.'"

Jumping in to interrupt him, Mel asked: "Did you just say you don’t care how it lands? Did I mishear that?"

He then began to explain that as he didn’t mean the comments in a "malicious way" it’s perhaps not his fault that they were taken as such.

As he told Sophie he’s sorry if he offended her in any way, Mel could be seen shaking her head, before explaining that he should ultimately be concerned with how his comments are received.

Fellow expert Paul C Brunson, then leapt into the conversation, telling Jonathan that he "lacks emotional intelligence," adding: "You just said, ‘sorry if I offended you’, that’s not emotional validation."

“Are you going to go through life apologising for the way other people feel for you having an opinion?" responded Jonathan.

As he said this, Mel could be heard exclaiming in shock before saying: "Woah, Jonathan, listen to yourself. We’re talking about being in an intimate relationship with a partner and you’re saying, ‘oh I don’t want to apologise for how I make her feel.’”

Finishing his speech, Jonathan added: "I have made mistakes and I have caused offence and for that I have apologised."

Despite the pair's issues in the past few days, Jonathan and Sophie both ultimately decided to stay with each other and to continue giving their new relationship a go.


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