MAFS Australia's Tamara Joy reveals move to UK and says she’s in a secret new romance with mystery man

MAFS Australia's Tamara Joy reveals move to UK and says she’s in a secret new romance with mystery man


MARRIED at First Sight Australia’s Tamara Joy has revealed her permanent move to the UK and said she’s in a secret new romance with a mystery man.

The 32-year-old star has admitted that she's landed new work opportunities in the UK, hinting at possible TV appearances.

The TV beauty, who appeared on the 2018 series, had viewers hooked after she was cruelly cheated on by 'husband' Dan Webb with Jessika Power.

The Aussie babe has revealed that she's now in the early stages of a new romance with a mystery man and has traded Down Under for the UK.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Tamara said: "I have some work coming up, just little bits and pieces really.

"I definitely want to be here [UK] long-term."

The reality star said that she's keeping tight lipped on her new beau's identity but hinted that he could be a famous, but fans wouldhave to "wait and see".

She continued: "I am dating someone, it's going well but I am going to keep that to myself.

"It is quite fresh, you’ll have to just wait and see."

Tamara also spilled the beans on her relationship with the rest of the cast, including love rival Jessika.

She added: "I speak to a lot of them, Mick [Gould] and I don’t speak anymore. Melissa and I are really are best friends.

"I do speak to Jess [Power] and I speak to Mike [Gunner] as he lives down the road from me on the Gold Coast, he’s lovely.

"Jess and I are now friends, we have put everything to bed. That’s all I’ll say on that."

The brunette star explained that the Dan's affair was a real blow and a massive "shock" to her.

She said: "I was mainly just emotional because Dan and Jess portrayed me as friends.

"Dan and I knew that we weren’t getting on in that romantic sense, so the fact that they still lied about it was just a real shock to me than anything.

"So I think I just really took that hard to me, we all spent so much time in that fishbowl together that we became friends.

"So I found out that was a lie as well, that was what was hard for me, the friendship between us more than anything."

Tamara has previously been open about her plastic surgery including her breast enlargement, rhinoplasty and lip fillers.

She showed off her new look on social media, looking very different from her appearance on the show.

The star said that appearing on the reality programme made her more aware of her "insecurities".

Tamara added: "I started having plastic surgery before I went on the show. I had my first boob job when I was about 19, so it was not something that happened after the show.

I mean, obviously seeing yourself on TV in all different angles, does heighten everything and you just think do I really look like that.

"But everybody has their insecurities and I had mine before the show anyway."

Tamara, who is now a social media influencer, moved from Melborne to the Gold Coast last year.

The jetsetter, who regularly shares stunning sunkissed snaps on Instagram, said that her new found fame gives her the freedom to work and live in different countries.

She explained: "I moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and before that I actually spent a lot of time in Bali.

"From Melborne to Bali and I was doing that before the show, my life didn’t change too much afterwards.

"I just continued doing what I was doing and it gave me a lot more freedom to do that."

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