Love Islands Zara focused on scoring points over Olivia

Love Islands Zara focused on scoring points over Olivia


Love Island contestants take part in first recoupling

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The Love Island stars came to blows on Sunday’s dramatic instalment of the ITV2 series when Zara chose to couple up with Tom Clare. A teaser clip from tonight’s episode showed Olivia walking off in tears following a row with bombshell Zara. Body language expert Judi James believes Zara is “focused on scoring points over Olivia”.

In a teaser clip from tonight’s show, Olivia’s seen walking into the bedroom crying after Zara branded her “childish”.

“I’m here for myself, do you think I flew 11 hours from England to p**s you off?” Zara fumed at Olivia. 

“Get over yourself Liv, get over yourself,” she continued.

Body language expert Judi opened up to Paddy Power Bingo about the girls’ ongoing feud. 

“Zara’s body language looks overly dramatic, suggesting she’s into stealing scenes more than she is stealing men and more focused on scoring points over Olivia than getting romantic with Tom,” Judi said. 

She claimed Zara has used “emphatic ownership displays” to show Tom off “as her trophy male” by holding his arm with both of her hands and “smiling at Olivia like the cat which got the cream”. 

The expert also suggested Zara mimed tears after David Salako was thrown out of the villa. 

Judi shared: “[Zara’s] chin rose as though she was reacting to a genuine loss, and she performed a tongue-poke gesture of disgust, followed by a lip-clamp to hint she was being brave in the face of the exit of a guy she’d only know for a day or two.”

When asked if Zara is genuinely into Tom, Judi claimed the Islander’s body language suggests otherwise. 

Judi said: “Tom had his hand on her bum and leant his head against hers to suggest he expected total reciprocation. 

“The corners of her mouth drooped as he did so though and she performed two loud sighs that hinted at boredom more than pleasure.

“After he did every signal in the book to show he expected a kiss she suddenly grabbed his face and went in for it herself.”

Judi continued: “She also ended the kiss quickly like that bit of business was over, laughing and telling him, ‘Took you long enough’ in a way that was both critical and dominant.”

Reflecting on a feud between Zara and Olivia, the expert said both women started with “pre-fight rituals”, with Zara hiding her face with her hand and Olivia showing signs of physical dominance by flaring her arms. 

“Olivia might have opened but Zara responded with a quick and relentless fight-back,” Judi added. 

“Her pace of speech was faster, and she used staccato head-baton gestures to peck away at Olivia verbally. 

 “Olivia wanted revenge for the ‘two-faced’ comment, throwing in the ‘fake’ bomb but Zara was crushed when Olivia tried to suggest Tom had told her he liked her best.”

Olivia is one of this season’s original 10 Islanders, but Zara entered the villa as a bombshell a few days into the series. 

Zara turned a lot of boys’ heads in the villa and made it clear she was looking for love, not friendships. 

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. 

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