Love Island’s Tommy shamelessly ‘lies’ to Molly-Mae in love declaration speech

Love Island’s Tommy shamelessly ‘lies’ to Molly-Mae in love declaration speech


Tommy Fury shamelessly 'lies' to Molly-Mae Hague during his love declaration speech on tonight's Love Island .

The girls and boys have to write their 'declarations of love' and read them out to their partner in front of everyone at the Summer Ball.

But as Tommy starts reading out the words he has written down, he suddenly pauses, then goes rogue.

The boxer rips up his speech by dropping his cards onto the floor then starts speaking from his heart.

Being true to himself, Tommy says: "This isn’t me. I want my heart to speak to you, not my mouth."

However, he then tells his girlfriend a bit of a porkie while discussing the first time that they met.

He says: "From the first moment I walked up into the Hideaway, I instantly knew I had seen the most beautiful girl on this entire planet.

"You’re absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl…"

But Love Island viewers will remember that Tommy had his eye on another girl and came close to betraying Molly-Mae.

There was a love triangle between Tommy, Molly-Mae and Maura Higgins when she entered the villa.

At one point it even seemed that Tommy would decide to couple up with Maura, who kept trying to get a kiss from the hunk.

Tommy struggled to make his mind up and admitted he only decided when he was actually standing up at the fire pit.

Obviously he did recouple with Molly-Mae and the rest is history, with the pair going from strength to strength in the villa.

But Tommy definitely did not "instantly" fall in love with Molly-Mae and things could easily have been very different.

After Tommy's speech, it's up to Molly-Mae to stand up and give her declaration of love speech.

She says: "Tommy. For someone whose career depends on fighting other people, you’re the gentlest person I’ve ever met.

"You’re my best friend and the most incredible dad to our Elly-Belly. Thank you for showing me kindness and nothing but pure love every day."

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