Love Island’s Theo Campbell remaining positive despite devastating eye diagnosis

Love Island’s Theo Campbell remaining positive despite devastating eye diagnosis


Love Island star Theo Campbell has been given a devastating diagnosis after a freak accident.

The sprinter lost sight in his right eye after a champagne cork fired towards him during a party in Ibiza last month.

Appearing on This Morning wearing an eyepatch, Theo described the horrific moment he saw blood on his hands while feeling an "eery pain".

Theo had seven stitches in his eye but initially feared doctors were going to "scoop" his eyeball out.

The reality TV star is remaining positive despite being told it is unlikely he will ever see through his right eye ever again.

Theo removed his glasses after getting champagne sprayed in his eye, but when he turned round another bottle went off and shot a cork straight into his open eye.

Speaking about the nasty accident, Theo said: "It was a bad pain. It was an eery pain. I couldn't open my eye at first. I couldn’t see and was stumbling. I was like 'no, no this hasn't happened'.

"I waited two minutes hoping the worst case scenario hadn’t happened. I looked down and saw blood."

Theo was rushed to hospital and left in constant pain for two days while thinking he was going to lose his eyeball.

He desperately tried to communicate with the Spanish doctors that he didn't want his eye taken out.

He said: "I said 'doctor will I be able to see again?' I was quite upset. He said 'don't worry about seeing again, we will try and save the eyeball'.

"I ran Kaz saying oh my god they're going to take my eye out."

Theo's girlfriend and Love Island 2018 star Kaz Crossley flew out to be at his bedside in Ibiza.

He said: "She’s been the best. I’m quite positive about it. I’ve got so much love and support.

"She flew out straight away no questions asked. Turned up at the hospital and stayed at the bed with me for four or five days.

"I didn't think it was that big a deal. I thought it's my eye my problem. I’m being supportive about it as Kaz has really helped out."

Theo will be running 10k for charity in 10 days time and praised his fans for their support.

Admitting it could be much worse, Theo added: "Life isn't over with one eye."

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