Love Islands Summer and Deji defend Luca and Dami and say theyre not bullies

Love Islands Summer and Deji defend Luca and Dami and say theyre not bullies


Former Love Island contestants Summer Botwe and Deji Adeniyi have defended their co-stars Dami Hope and Luca Bish after fans claimed they portrayed bullying tendencies.

The bombshells who made their fiery entrance during Casa Amor got to know the original islanders when Dami chose to recouple with Summer and Indiyah Polack chose to get to know Deji.

But while appearing on YouTuber Murad Merali's show, Deji and Summer slammed fans' previous concerns regarding Luca and Dami's attitudes particularly towards Tasha Ghouri and said they have been portrayed to be bullies by the ITV show.

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Speaking openly on the programme, Summer said: "I don't think Luca is a bully, I don't think Dami is a bully, I don't think either of them are a bully.

"They just keep it real and whether you're gonna be upset about that or happy about that they just want to be honest with you because they have your best intentions at heart.

"Because like you said, Luca was friends with Tasha at one point. So it's like Luca just wants to have her best intentions at heart but telling her the truth and she just doesn't take it well."

She added: "And to the public, he's saying all this horrible stuff and she's getting upset about it and it looks like he's bullying her or being too harsh on her but from the inside out that's not how it goes at all."

Deji, who was sitting close beside Summer agreed and added: "I don't agree with the portrait that has been portrayed with Luca and Dami."

Commenting on Murad's interview with the islanders, fans shared their thoughts on his YouTube page.

One person said: "Interesting interview and they seem like nice people, but I think they are completely wrong regarding the whole bullying issue. They said that Luca and Dami were just being real, but honestly, there is a line between being 'real' and actually low-key harassing someone and that line was crossed. I don't really think bad behaviour can always be justified by claiming that you're just being honest because there are different ways you can relay a message."

Meanwhile another shared: "A big problem is a lot of people think 'keeping it rea' or being honest means you talk to people anyhow. Also, through what we saw, the honesty was directed to one demographic and it was laced with hypocrisy."

Throughout this year's series, Dami and Luca came under fire for their treatment towards Tasha.

Things seemed to reach boiling point between the islanders during the Snog, Marry or Pie challenge which lead them both to apologise after it was clear Tasha was upset.


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