Love Island's AJ Bunker looks completely different after getting £1k of filler in her face dissolved

Love Island's AJ Bunker looks completely different after getting £1k of filler in her face dissolved


AJ Bunker showed off her natural appearance this week after getting the filler in her face removed.

The 28-year-old previously revealed she spent £1,000 on filler to look young before she appeared on Love Island, but decided to have it reversed after getting cruelly trolled.

The star looked fresh faced and happy, revealing her natural beauty as she attended the Bat out of Hell gala premiere.

She opted for just a touch of make-up and turned heads in a sheer corested top and leather trousers.

Last year former hair extension technician, who set her sights on Liam Reardon, 22, and Hugo Hammond but was friend-zoned by all the lads, told The Sun how she had cheek filler three times within a MONTH in a bid to “fix” a tiny line under her eye.

She hoped the injections would make her look younger, but they left her with “hamster” cheeks and dubbed “granny AJ” by trolls.

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AJ forked out more than £1,000 on fillers, paying £250 a pop for 0.5ml cheek and 1ml lip injections. 

Another professional, Dr Ahmed El Muntasar, later told her the “botched” cheek fillers were injected “incorrectly” and in the wrong part of her face.

In September, AJ had her filler removed by Dr Ahmed, who urged her not to get more done. 

She said: “It’s so refreshing having someone being honest with you and not just taking your money, but actually saying ‘no this doesn’t look good, this isn’t a good area to get it’ or ‘you don’t even need it at all’. 

“As soon as he dissolved my filler, I looked so much more natural and instantly felt like me again. I haven’t got any cheek filler now and he’s recommended I get my lips dissolved at some point too.”

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