Love Island viewers divided over Tanya as Martin brands her a liar

Love Island viewers divided over Tanya as Martin brands her a liar


Love Island fans have been left divided after Martin Akinola called Tanya Manhenga "a liar" for confessing her love to Shaq in front of the entire villa.

In last night’s episode of the show, the couple called time on their romance with Tanya admitting that there’s no longer a spark between them despite bringing him back from Casa Amor and leaving Shaq Muhammad single just a couple of days ago.

However, it was after the intimate Jax Jones concert that Tanya decided it was the right time to declare her love for Shaq in front of all the other islanders.

In a romantic speech, the 22-year-old, who lives in a gorgeous flat in Salford, even confessed to sneakily creeping out of the bed that she shares with Martin and going for a secret kiss with Shaq in the middle of the night.

Martin looked visibly shocked that she was willing to admit that she had gone behind his back and in tonight’s episode pulled her for a chat around the firepit.

He sat down and immediately said: “When I was speaking to you, you never told me you were a liar…”

“You’re not sincere, you made me look like I was dumb, you’re a liar.”

He then asked her: “When were you going to tell me you went downstairs to kiss? I knew the first time that you went to the bathroom but I left it, because Martin doesn’t cause drama…but, what the f***?”

Then then walked away saying he was "done" with the conversation before approaching the other Islanders to say that she’s a liar.

But Tanya interrupted: “One thing you’re not going to do is tell me I’m a liar because you’re bitter. You’re a grown man, act your age.”

Shaq then had to physically hold her back telling her to ‘leave it’ as she pushed through shouting: “No, no, no, no, no…”

Just seconds later she walked back over to him to clear the air, saying she didn’t have ‘time’ to tell him about the kiss, adding: “If you’re upset with how things went then I apologise, but I had to go with my heart and that’s that.”

Viewers have been left divided about the conversation.

One person said: “Tanya had MANY opportunities to tell Martin about the kiss, come on man.”

Another agreed: “Idk how y'all defend Tanya for this, she is 100% in the wrong and I’m glad Martin is Martin is sticking up for himself.”

A third wrote: “But Tanya, if you love Shaq, why did you bring Martin back? And why did you kiss him? Like…no one forced you, you know?”

But some people say she did nothing wrong.

One person said: “I’m finding it a bit hard to feel sorry for Martin. I don’t think he really liked Tanya.”

Another said: “Nah I’m sorry we can’t be mad at Tanya this woman is HILARIOUS.”


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