Love Island Teddys brothers forgiven but not forgotten explosive Faye row

Love Island Teddys brothers forgiven but not forgotten explosive Faye row


Love Island viewers were cringing when Faye Winter met the brothers of hew new boyfriend Teddy Soares on Sunday night's show, and a body language expert says it's clear the siblings were "unimpressed" with her.

Earlier in the series, Faye and Teddy had an enormous row following movie night, which saw the show receive more than 25,000 Ofcom complaints.

However, the expert says the couple may still survive even if Teddy's family don't like Faye.

During the friends and family episode, Faye half joked: "I wasn't that bad, was I?" as the brothers replied: "You were terrible, you were really bad."

Rhian Kivits, a Relate trained relationship coach and body language expert says it isn't all bad news for Faye though, despite initial impressions.

She says: "It's clear that Teddy's brothers, Sidney and Carlos, are very unimpressed with Faye's behaviour. They both reiterated that she'd been really bad and it appears they wanted the opportunity to let Faye know that her actions had been noted."

Rhian continued: "As a set of brothers they all seem to have calm, rational, laid back personalities.

"When one of them commented that Faye and Teddy have grown from the situation, it suggests that these boys may have been raised in a family where repairing and restoring relationships after conflict has been valued and rewarded."

The family vibe might make things harder for Faye though, as Rhian went on: "If Teddy's family enjoys strong values, their peaceful attitude towards Faye seems to fit. However, this also reveals that they're likely to have high expectations when it comes to standards of behaviour in the longer term.

While many viewers read the brothers' actions as disapproval of Faye, Rhian says it runs deeper: "I'd read their message as 'forgiven but not forgotten' – if Faye continues to be disrespectful or domineering, their patience may eventually run out."

So how can the lovebirds move forwards outside of the villa? Rhian advised: "When couples first form relationships it can be a challenge to work out how to fit into each other's families and understand the values, expectations and dynamics that are at play.

"It's going to be a test for Faye and Teddy because their families will have observed the conflict and made judgements about them because of what's gone on in the Villa."

Talking will be key for their love to be a success, said Rhian: "Faye and Teddy will need to establish good communication as a couple so that they can iron out misunderstandings and remain on the same page.

"If Faye finds that Teddy's family are reluctant to accept her, she may be forced to look within herself to understand why and she may need to moderate her behaviour," added the expert.

Faye isn't known for her patience when confronted with difficulties, and Rhian said that may go against her: "It's going to be a huge problem if she blames Teddy or tries to force him to choose between her and his family.

"If their families want to support them to make a go of it, they'll need to be open minded and welcoming. They'll need to be prepared to get to know their loved one's new partner off screen and give the couple time to land back in the real world again.

Rhian said it is possible, but it won't be easy: "Developing a healthy, sustainable relationship takes time so Faye and Teddy have their work cut out after the drama of the Villa."

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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