Love Island fans think Anna is spot on as she blasts Curtis for being a 'narcissist' as he's finally put in his place

Love Island fans think Anna is spot on as she blasts Curtis for being a 'narcissist' as he's finally put in his place


LOVE Island fans have praised Anna Vakili for finally putting "narcissist" Curtis Pritchard in his place.

Viewers have claimed that the beauty is "spot on" in her assessment of the professional dancer as the dating show hurtles towards its grand finale.

Anna, and Curtis' partner Maura Higgins, were both left fuming when it came out that Curtis had advised Jordan Hames to go behind his girlfriend's back to crack on with bombshell India Reynolds.

In tonight's show, the hunk approached Anna in a bid to clear the air – apologising for giving Anna's boyfriend the terrible advice, but the pharmacist wasn't having any of it.

She ranted: "I just don't know if you are a good person really, because good people don't move like that.

"You move like you're such a good person and you're not.

"A good person would never say to anybody to do that to their other half.

"Do you not care about me a little bit? I have been living with you for the past two months, you obviously don't care about me.

"You're a narcissist, that's my opinion of you."

Anna then stormed off as she admitted to Maura that she "hoped she was wrong" about her fellow Islander.

However, fans at home believe that she had actually hit the nail on the head, flocking to social media to heap praise on her rant.

One wrote: "Anna has hit the nail on the head with Curtis he is a full on narcissist."

Another added: "Anna has Curtis absolutely nailed. He is a narcissist; he's manipulative and he isn't a nice person.

"He messed Amy around before she left; he only does things to benefit himself, nobody else."

A third said: "Anna is 100% correct about Curtis, he’s a narcissist."


Curtis has raised eyebrows throughout his time in the Love Island villa, with the star first coupling up with air stewardess Amy Hart.

The pair quickly became "half boyfriend and girlfriend", and fans were left stunned when he then confessed that his head was turned during the show's Casa Amor twist.

He then brutally dumped Amy – with the devastated beauty forced to quit the villa as she struggled to cope with her heartache.

Soon after, Curtis found himself in the centre of a love triangle, with new girl Francesca Allen and Maura both vying for his affections.

The Islander was accused of being "smug" as the two girls fought over him – with many blasting the way he spoke about the women in the Beach Hut.

He ultimately chose to couple up with Maura, but the Irish beauty's opinion on Curtis has been swayed following the latest villa drama.

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