Love Island fans beg for revamped Casa Amor and £50k prize to be axed for 2022

Love Island fans beg for revamped Casa Amor and £50k prize to be axed for 2022


Love Island 2021 has finally drawn to a close, with Millie Court and Liam Reardon taking the crown and the impressive £50,000 prize fund.

It was an emotional night all round, one which saw Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran placed second, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares take third place, and Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank come fourth.

But many viewers branded this year’s series "dry" – despite furious rows and an explosion by Faye which racked up 25,000 complaints to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.

After the 2022 series was confirmed in last night’s final by host Laura Whitmore, as she encouraged members of the public to apply for their place on the island, plenty of people have suggestions for what they’d like to see when the hit dating show returns.

From more diversity in the line-up to a twist on Casa Amor, we take a look at what people are begging producers to consider next year.

Revamped Casa Amor

Many fans are simply getting tired of the Casa Amor format.

None of the final eight islanders hailed from Casa Amor, and many of the new bombshells introduced to the villa and to Casa didn’t last long until they were dumped from the show completely.

Even Hugo, who finally forged a connection in there after being trapped on ‘Friendship Island’ for the entire show, dubbed his romance with Amy Day "tragic" – to her face.

Fans have taken to Reddit with some suggestions on how ITV bosses could switch things up – and many want to introduce a public voting element to the Casa Amor segment.

One user posted: "After watching several seasons of LI, Casa Amor has become somewhat predictable.

"Now, what if the public was given an option to vote for one CA islander (guy or girl, or both even) to enter the villa? That’d shake things up like mad.

"Also, 3 days is honestly not enough time for a CA islander to form a strong enough connection that could turn some of the islanders’ heads. So granting them more time in the villa would be a great opportunity to do so."

Another fan responded: "I actually think this is the perfect CA shakeup. The producers really need to do something different next series."

Many more fans simply wanted the girls to head to Casa, suggesting them staying in the original villa could be a reason they tend to remain more loyal to their fellas.

"It’s such a different dynamic that the guys go to a separate place where they can forget about the past few weeks,” one Reddit user penned.

"For the OG girls, they’re left in their territory, things are more on their terms, the new boys are outsiders. The girls have more power, but also harder to detach and feel like a ‘lads holiday’.

"It always feels like the girls are more loyal, and I bet this is one of the reasons!" they added.

But that would mean the boys packing the girls’ suitcases… and we’re not entirely sure we’d trust them that far, to be honest.

Ditch prize money twist

Islanders get the chance to steal or split the prize fund with their chosen partner – but they hardly ever steal, knowing that big money deals likely lie right around the corner with brand sponsorships if they remain in a couple.

And fans are calling out for the twist to be scrapped for the next series.

Taking to Twitter, one disgruntled viewer penned: "They need to just get rid of the money twist lol, literally no one is ever going to steal and it just kills the moment #LoveIsland."

"They also act like the £50k even matters lol… these people literally go on to get million pound brand deals!" someone else responded.

Another fan followed up: "Is there a bigger anti-climax to a reality final than this stupid £50,000 prize split thing? It's awful, wastes 5 mins at the climax of a series and needs a rethink next year."

While someone else posted: "I love how they keep pretending that £50,000 is a large cash prize for a game show."

More diversity

Hugo Hammond, who has club foot, was introduced as a disabled contestant this year.

But fans have been left disgruntled that Love Island still doesn’t feature a diverse enough line-up of contestants.

It comes after dumped islander Sharon Gaffka claimed Love Island bosses edited out her sexuality confession after publicly coming out as bisexual.

Speaking to Metro, Sharon said: "A lot of the conversations I had about modern dating on the show were never aired, but I was very open about sexuality and being a mixed-race woman in modern dating."

She added: "Well I don’t know if I’m supposed to find out if I like girls and boys if I don’t find out for myself."

Fans are appealing for producers to include more diversity in next year’s line-up – whether that’s more inclusive of race, disability, sexuality or body shape.

One fan posted to Twitter: Next year let's have some plus-size contestants plsssss! It ain't diversity if you're fatphobic. Oh and fat people are v. lovable and sexy so seems like a no brainer?"

Someone else posted: “For next year more diversity please which doesn’t mean just black people I need to see more Asian people more people from different cultures not just blond and Essex x".

A new host

Some fans were even mildly critical of Irish host Laura Whitmore’s interviewing skills this year.

Daily Star TV columnist Ed Gleave tweeted: "Laura Whitmore skirted over the Faye drama just there. No one expected Paxman. But that was feeble. Her interview style is poor #LoveIsland."

Another person tweeted: "Sorry but I just can’t get on board with Laura Whitmore can we get someone else next year I vote Rylan!"

Someone else even suggested replacing Laura with Chloe Burrows’ mum, after she and Chloe’s sister made such a huge impression during the meet the parents challenge.

"Can we replace Laura Whitmore with Chloe’s mum omg nah she’s the main character!" someone cheekily tweeted.

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