Lorraine chaos as presenter admits shes running late after oversleeping

Lorraine chaos as presenter admits shes running late after oversleeping

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    Lorraine Kelly has revealed that she's running late for her workday for the first time ever – hours after waking up too early.

    Lorraine has been unfortunate after she woke up far too early for work overnight, and then as she went back to sleep, she woke up far too late.

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    The ITV morning show host could end up being a little bit too late for her show as she's normally up and out of the house a chunk of time before she got up on Wednesday morning (December 14).

    Lorraine, whose alarm would usually go up at 5:35am, posted the tweet at 6:35am to confirm that she was running late.

    Taking to Twitter to share her unfortunate news, Lorraine wrote: "So after getting up early, I've managed for the FIRST time to sleep in – YIKES!!!!"

    It comes hours after Lorraine had posted a photo to reveal that she had woken up at 2am – hours before she needed to be awake – and went back to sleep.

    She had posted a photo of the time, with her alarm set in the corner at 5:35am, as she wrote: "So this is a first. Woke up – convinced I'd slept in – super fast shower – threw on clothes and then looked at the time properly…"

    Her ITV co-stars were some of the many to jump on the tweet, with one, Paul Brand, writing: "I loved that your alarm is set for 5:35 precisely. Every five minutes counts at that hour!"

    Meanwhile Laura Tobin simply wrote: "Nooooo!"

    Lorraine spent some time on Twitter and was responding to various tweets and chatting to her followers, but she clearly managed to get back to sleep after posting her final tweet at 2:14am.

    Lorraine's followers have reassured her that she'll be able to make it on time – but she's definitely working against the clock to see if she can get into the studio before her allotted time slot at 9am.

    ITV airs Lorraine at 9am on weekdays.

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