Loose Women Janet gets Kelle Bryan and Brenda mixed up in awkward blunder

Loose Women Janet gets Kelle Bryan and Brenda mixed up in awkward blunder


Loose Women's Janet Street-Porter accidentally called fellow panellist Kelle Bryan "Brenda" on today's episode (October 31st) – leaving viewers in hysterics.

Janet apparently mistook Kelle for Loose Women panellist Brenda Edwards, who did not feature on today's show.

One fan joked: "Janet just had a senior moment when she called Kelly… Brenda."

Another added: "Janet calling Kelly, Brenda."

A third wrote: "Janet just called Kelle ‘Brenda’? Does she just see colour? Not good look."

The panellist also came under fire from fans of the show after advising that women should not go out at night over mugging fears.

The presenters were discussing how women should not go out late at night, with Janet advising that they should not walk around with their phones "at their faces" because it might make them a target for thieves.

But fans were left fuming that they were being told they should not go out at night – and that the panellists made no reference to men get mugged,

One fan fumed: "Do you remember when our mums used to say avoid alleys and dark streets on your way home? Now we as women are being told to stay at home at night according to Loose women to stay safe! Are we afraid of English men?"

Another said: "I think you will find men get attacked also #loosewomen."

One person asked: "How are women meant to get home from work or university etc if we’re meant to stay in when it’s dark?"

A third added: "I feel more men are mugged than woman tbh."

A fifth raged: "In the fear of our safety” what about men’s safety ? what about the people who live with an abuser and don’t feel safe in their own home."

Fans of Loose Women were also not impressed by an "odd" decision made by the show for the presenters not to dress up in fancy dress for Halloweeen.

The ITV talk show follows This Morning on weekdays, but viewers were left disappointed after they went from watching a Halloween spectacular on This Morning where presenters Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby dressed up.

Fans were confused and questioned why the panel weren't dressed up and somebranded the decision "very odd"

One said: "Why did #loosewomen dress up on Friday but not today? Very odd!"

Another wrote: "I literally don’t get why loose women did their Halloween special on Friday instead of Halloween today #thismorning #loosewomen."

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