Londoners brace for two weeks of chaos as Extinction Rebellion launch protest marathon

Londoners brace for two weeks of chaos as Extinction Rebellion launch protest marathon


Extinction Rebellion: Radio host says there will be ‘chaos’

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TalkRadio presenter James Max erupted over Extinction Rebellion’s planned protests that are expected to cause severe disruption over the next two weeks. Mr Max questioned the strategy behind the demonstration, warning money will be lost because of the activists. Mr Max’s comments came as he quizzed Green Party peer Jenny Jones on the group’s actions.

Baroness Jones, who boasts about having been branded as “domestic extremist” by the Met Police, said: “I supported Extinction Rebellion right from the start because they did, in fact, bring the attention of UK, but also people outside the UK to the issue of climate change and that was incredibly important.

“I don’t support them when they do things like stop tube trains because that’s counterproductive and idiotic.

“Stopping traffic in London is something that we have to accept if it’s a peaceful demonstration.

“It’s a valid way to demonstrate because traffic is a lot of our problem, and that the whole point about green policies that would help towards ameliorating climate change isn’t there actually reduced traffic but increased public transport.”


However, presenter James Max chipped in: “You say that but then, on the other hand, the last protest we had cost the nation 50 million pounds in extra policing costs.

“Is that a good spending of money?”

The Green Party peer replied: “Do you know how much it will cost when we start having these huge, extreme weather events?

“I mean like flooding in the Tube. How many of us thought that was going to happen not just once this summer. But more than once.


“The cost of not dealing with climate change is far in excess of any amount that we’re going to spend on policing.

She went on: “So you’ve got to balance these. This is a problem with the Conservative government because they do talk green.

“They even have a glimpse of what they should be doing, but at the same time, they just can’t.”

The presenter interjected: “But the disruption to people’s lives.

“At this point, coming out of a pandemic that disrupts the City of London, which is arguably the place that’s going to pay for all this stuff that you want.


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“It seems to be awfully counterproductive when they are being designed by people who seem not to understand how the world works and where money is going to come from to do all these things that you say are so important, combined with the fact that everybody who keeps telling us about these things that they’re wasting money at every turn.”

He added: “They’re wasting resources in a way that is almost unsightly to the rest of us it seems to make absolutely no sense.

“By all means, raise the profile of this problem, but doing it in a way that undermines people’s lives, it makes no sense to me.”

The campaign group is gearing up for another two full weeks of climate protests, which are due to occur across the capital.

Named “Impossible Rebellion”, the group plans to “target the root cause of the climate and ecological crisis”.

In a statement, the group said: “Beginning on Monday August 23, Extinction Rebellion will take to the streets again, with plans to disrupt the City of London to target the root cause of the climate and ecological crisis – the political economy.”

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