Little People's Audrey Roloff slammed for skiing with daughter Ember, 3, in big snowstorm despite mountain closures

Little People's Audrey Roloff slammed for skiing with daughter Ember, 3, in big snowstorm despite mountain closures


LITTLE People, Big World star Audrey Roloff was slammed for skiing with her three-year-old daughter Ember in a big snowstorm despite mountain closures.

The 29-year-old recounted the mother-daughter outing in a series of Instagram Story posts.

On Saturday, Audrey shared a clip of herself as the family drove in a car and she explained: "Ember girl and I skied in a very stormy storm up there. There was lots of winds. Right, Ember? Mommy had to protect you."

Ember said it was "so scary out there" before Audrey continued: "It was a little bit scary out there, but we was brave."

Audrey then turned the camera to her husband Jeremy, 30, who was driving the car.

The LPBW star explained that Jeremy and their son Bode, one, sat in the car because it was too "stormy" for their youngest child to be outside.

Audrey continued: "All the chairlifts were closed except the bunny chair, so Ember and I did laps on the bunny trail with everybody else on the mountain."

The mother-of-two noted that "you can't control the weather" when participating in outdoor sports, "so you gotta learn that you are not in control and you gotta learn to adapt and you gotta learn to not be comfortable but still do it anyways."

She added: "I remember learning that at a very early age because my parents would take us up to the mountain on very very stormy days, but we would drive very far all the way here, so we would at least do a couple runs.

Audrey continued: "It really makes you learn that you're not in control, so Ember's learning that too now."

The TV personality then shared clips and photos of Ember skiing in the windy and stormy conditions.

The mother-daughter outing was met with backlash, as many fans took to Reddit to slam Audrey for putting Ember in a dangerous situation.

One person wrote: "Wtf… being outside of your comfort zone helps you adapt. Being in unnecessary and dangerous conditions helps you land in the ER."

Another Reddit user added: "This child is 3 years old!! She doesn't need to learn yet about adapting and learning you're not always in control. Let the kid wear neon and watch some Paw Patrol, my god."

A third noted: "Poor Ember. I have a feeling Audrey is going to push her into doing a lot of things she doesn't necessarily enjoy just so Audrey can relive her childhood."

Audrey and Jeremy, who tied the knot in 2014, were previously slammed as "reckless" for skiing with Bode strapped to her chest without a helmet.

Back in January, Audrey documented the skiing activity in a recap video on Instagram.

Many fans took to the comments section to slam her for being careless, as one person wrote:  “That is wrong and horrible on so many levels and just proves that all you care about it social media and not your kids! For once put your kids before your content! Just horrible.”

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