Little People fans fear Matt Roloff will split from girlfriend Caryn as she buys her own house despite marriage plans

Little People fans fear Matt Roloff will split from girlfriend Caryn as she buys her own house despite marriage plans


MATT Roloff's girlfriend Caryn has purchased her own house and is renovating the property despite fan speculation that wedding bells might be in their future.

The Little People Big World star and his girlfriend have been "talking about marriage" of late, as their relationship has gotten more serious since they first got together in 2017.

Fans have shown concern that the relationship is not progressing as well as they thought, due to a recent Instagram post.

Matt, 59, shared a video of his beloved as she got down and dirty with renovating her new home.

The clip showed Caryn, 53, ripping old wood off of her backyard deck, as her boyfriend laughed and videotaped the spectacle.

He loudly announced: "Caryn is swinging a hammer and you are hot and hot!"

The TLC star captioned the clip: "@carynchandler1 bought a new house. First thing @mattroloff wanted to to help her with is to get a new, better, larger deck built.

"Today was get the old deck out of the way… even @carynchandler1 showed up with boots and gloves on and happier in hand.

"This is just one of many reasons I love this lady.. she’s rough.. she’s tough… and not afraid to get dirty and get the job done," he gushed.

Despite Matt's kind words, fans are confused by Caryn's home purchase as many rumors have speculated that an engagement might be on the horizon.

"Why is she buying a house?" one demanded, "Aren't you guys ever really going to combine your lives?"

"Why would she do that?" another asked while a third inquired: "Why don't you guys live together?"

Some raised the idea of strain in their partnership, adding: "Another house? Ya'll gonna keep living separate?"

A final disappointed follower grilled: "So not going to marry and live together?"

A source exclusively told The Sun that the couple has been "talking about marriage" as they reach a milestone in their relationship.

After three years with the TV personality, the insider revealed that Caryn wants a “no expense spared" wedding to celebrate their love.

"Caryn said they've talked about marriage but she thinks Matt wouldn't drop any hints of a proposal, it would be a huge surprise," the source explained.

"They are very much in love and it will happen soon, they have been planning for the future for a while now.

"Caryn is the type to go with the flow, so she's not going to continuously talk about it, but she would absolutely say yes."

The informed source then divulged that Matt's ex-wife of 30 years Amy Roloff would be left off the guest list.

"The wedding would be a huge family affair, but Amy would not be invited. That's a big fat no, Caryn seriously dislikes her.

"But it would be an unforgettable day, Caryn goes all out and she'd want an extravagant wedding, and Matt likes to spend money so there shouldn't be a problem there."

Caryn, was previously married to Joseph Chandler, with whom she shares two children Brittany and Connor.

Matt divorced Amy in 2016, and the ex-couple share four kids, Jeremy and Zachary, both 32, Molly, 26, and Jacob, 23.

The insider added that despite this being both of their second marriages, the mother of two wants to have a large wedding as a symbol of their romance.

"She's been married once before but being with Matt and being on the show, it would have to be a blow out day.

"I think they will televise their engagement, their planning of the wedding, then the day itself, it'll be multiple episodes, possibly even a whole series, that's how it rolls."

Caryn bought her new home as she reportedly waits for Amy to vacate Roloff farms – the family land that is famous for pumpkin season in Oregon.

The two ladies do not get along, and on an episode of Little People, Big World in March 2020, Caryn elucidated: “I would never live in the big house. Ever. Put a pin in that."

Amy has also since moved on and is engaged to realtor Chris Marek.

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