La Brea Video: Cast Lets Loose About 'Sex'-y Season 2 and One Hairy Hiccup

La Brea Video: Cast Lets Loose About 'Sex'-y Season 2 and One Hairy Hiccup


Ahead of La Brea‘s Season 2 premiere (this Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c), TVLine invited the cast to dazzle us with superlatives about the NBC hit’s freshman follow-up — and they did not disappoint.

In the rollicking cast Q&A above, Natalie Zea (who plays Eve), Nicholas Gonzalez (Levi), Eoin Macken (Gavin), Zyra Gorecki (Izzy), Jon Seda (Sam), Chiké Okonkwo (Ty), Tonantzin Carmelo (Paara) , Veronica “Pow-Pow!” St. Clair (Riley) and Jack Martin (Josh) took turns playing hype man for Season 2, which picks up not long at all after the Season 1 finale, in which Josh and Riley vanished into a light portal and leaped from 10,000 B.C. to the year 1988.

Along the way, we raised a few burning questions about Ty being the best-dressed man in the primeval world (at the 1:20 mark), but perhaps more critically, Gavin’s curious growth spurt — meaning, with regards to the extra-lush mane he suddenly now rocks in the land down under. Macken and a dishy Zea offer an “explanation” for that hairy problem at the 1:40 mark.

Also in the video above, St. Clair and Martin rave about their storyline set in the most excellent ’80s, and the rad fashion that comes with it.

In closing, at the 2:33 mark, TVLine tasked the cast members with rattling off five (5) words each to preview their respective Season 2 storylines. Which three stars copped to some “smooching” ahead, and who promised no less than S-E-X? Press play above for that super-fun exchange, and more.

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