Kylie Jenner fans think she subtly revealed her son's name in new lip liner shade 6 months after baby's birth | The Sun

Kylie Jenner fans think she subtly revealed her son's name in new lip liner shade 6 months after baby's birth | The Sun


FANS have shared a new theory about Kylie Jenner's son's name after she revealed a new lip liner shade on her social media.

The Kardashians star and her baby daddy Travis Scott, 31, have still not announced their baby boy's moniker, nearly six months after his birth.

But fans believe that Kylie, 24, has shared a hint on her social media after posting a promo photo on her Instagram Stories.

The reality star took to the platform on Tuesday night to share a new combo collection of matte liquid lipstick and liner.

The lipstick was a nude color called "Almost Ready" and the lip liner was a pink shade called: "Beau."


Fans were immediately suspicious of the second, claiming it could be the name of her infant son.

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Several took to Reddit to share their theories, one writing: "Could Kylie's son be named Beau? It's the name of her new lip liner shade."

"Definitely works with the Deuxmoi post saying it’s an adjective or a noun depending on the spelling… hmmm," a second noted.

A third contributed: "Beau is an adjective in French," while a fourth commented: "That’s actually very cute!!! I like that, it fits their vibe of unique names and it’s not strange. I’m all for naming babies what you want but some names I just."

However, one critic reminded: "Brandon Jenner’s son is named Bo/Beau so i don’t think she will choose the same as a cousin."

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Kylie and Travis welcomed their second child in February, unveiling his name as "Wolf" shortly after before changing it.

Though the couple has been mysterious regarding their son's moniker, fans think they've dropped several clues on social media.


On Monday, Travis posted a photo of a bed outfitted in white linens on his Instagram Story.

One of the pillows on the bed appeared to be monogrammed, reading: "Jack."

Fans took this as a hint at the baby's name, though it might actually be a nod to Travis' own moniker.

The Texas musician is actually named Jacques Bermon Webster II.

The couple has kept their son and his name closely guarded since birth.

Photos of his face do not feature on Travis nor Kylie's social media.

He is also rarely seen in outings with the famous family, though they often seem to have the little one's older sister Stormi with them.

Fans have a wild theory about why the famous parents have decided to keep him a secret.

In a social media poll that garnered lots of attention from Kardashian fans, one user asked: "Why is baby Wolf not revealed to the public yet?"

Available options ranged from "Kylie wants privacy for her kids" to "Kylie faked her pregnancy."

There was a clear favorite among the available options, however.

More than one-third of voters opted for: "The KarJenners will use him for whenever the next scandal happens as a distraction from the controversy."

Fans have repeatedly accused the famous family of orchestrating family milestones to stay in good standing with the public and maintain their image.

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