Kristin Chenoweth Leaves Steve Harvey Speechless With Naughty Family Feud Answer

Kristin Chenoweth Leaves Steve Harvey Speechless With Naughty Family Feud Answer


The TV ad Broadway sensation leaves the host of ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ in shock with her NSFW answer to one provocative question during the show’s latest episode.

AceShowbizKristin Chenoweth let her devilish side shine on “Celebrity Family Feud“. The Tony Award-winning actress has left host Steve Harvey speechless with her naughty answer to one provocative question.

When the 54-year-old actress and Broadway legend faced off against Kathy Najimy in the Sunday, August 14, episode of the ABC game show, she was the first one to provide an answer to the question, “After the lips, what is your favorite part of a man to kiss?” In response, she naughtily said, “Rhymes with [bleep].”

Though Kristin’s answer was bleeped out by the network, it made everyone in the studio laugh, including Steve, who turned away from the camera before continuing with the game. “I’m sorry,” Kristin pleaded with the host. “I’m a good Christian girl, forgive me!”

Kristin’s answer, however, was not among the most popular answers from 100 women who were polled for the popular show. “You go stand right over there, young lady. You stay right over there, young lady,” Steve told the Oklahoma native as she returned to her family’s side of the studio. “Nicest woman I’ve ever met,” he said, before joking, “Oh, my God, I can just tell you’re a wonderful person!” as he repeated the singer/actress’ censored response.

Kathy’s team went on to guess only four of the six answers, causing Steve to approach a giggling Kristin to answer the same question. “Can we ask anybody else?” the comedian asked. Kristin’s second answer, hands, also didn’t make the board, leaving Kathy to win the round.

Kristin wasn’t the only contestant on the game show who’s had a hilarious answer. Back in November 2014, Steve caught up with Seth Meyers to discuss the most outrageous answers he’s heard on the competition program.

“The first craziest one I heard, and a lot of people saw it on YouTube, but, the question was, ‘If a robber breaks into the house, what’s the most unexpected thing he would hate to run into?’ ” Steve shared on “Late Night With Seth Meyers“. “You’re thinking, you know, an owner with a gun, you’re thinking a dog… this country dude goes, ‘Buzz… A naked grandma!’ “

Steve went on, “You just go, ‘What… what did… what… why is that your answer? Your family trying to win $20,000 and how the hell you think you’re gonna win it with naked grandma? What are the chances of seeing somebody’s grandmama naked when you break in the house and why is that a concern of yours?’ “

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