Kim Kardashian ‘numb’ about Kanye split as she admits her loneliness in marriage

Kim Kardashian ‘numb’ about Kanye split as she admits her loneliness in marriage


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had a rocky relationship to say the least, and in the final episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim opens up to her mom about loneliness, and envying her sisters.

Mom Kris asks: “I was actually worried about you, and wondering how you were doing.”

Kim insists she’s fine, as Kris insists she’s waiting for Kim to ask for help.

The reality star says she’s been talking to a therapist as she didn't want to "burden" everyone.

She protests: “I’m an adult. Let me work on myself and see where I’m at. That’s what I’m so excited for, waking up at 40 and realising I want total happiness.”

“I know complete bliss isn’t a full reality, but if I can have it the majority of the time, that’s all I want to do. Wherever that takes me, I just want my pure happiness.”

“Am I just going to sit here and think ‘my kids fulfil me?’ I never thought I was lonely… my husband moves from state to state and I’m on this ride with him and I was OK with that."

She continues: "Then after turning 40 this year I realised I don’t want a husband that lives in a completely different state. I thought that’s when we’re getting along the best, and then that is sad to me."

"That’s not what I want,” Kim explains, as momager Kris takes off her glasses and becomes emotional.

Kim continues: “I want someone that works out with me, we have the same shows in common. Every single day Khloe and Tristan and I would work out at 6am, the three of us, and I was third-wheeling for a good eight months of quarantine. I was so envious of that.”

“I was like ‘wow’, it’s the little things I don’t have. I have the big things… but I think I’m ready for the smaller experiences that I think will mean a lot.”

Mom Kris says: “I just want you to be happy and joyful. I haven’t seen that in a really long time.”

Kim: “I’m ready too. Whatever that is. I’m not rushing it.” She adds that she’s tired and numb, and wants to be happy.

Kris says to the camera: “It breaks my heart. I just want them to be happy.”

Khloe says: “Kim has been struggling for a while privately behind camera about her relationship. I just want them to figure what’s going to make them happy, as a couple, individually. You really have no idea about what’s going to happen… whatever those decisions are we’re here to support them.”

Elsewhere, during Khloe’s time capsule recordings, Kim says she one day hopes to have her own successful law firm and says she’s happiest when she can make a difference to somebody’s life.

It’s revealed that Kim failed the “baby bar” law exam again for a second time. She scored worse than the first time, and says how “bummed” she is, however Khloe insists she should give herself more credit.

The show ended with a montage of highlights from the last 14 years of filming.

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