Katie Price shows off her grotty garden after moving back into her £2m mansion – The Sun

Katie Price shows off her grotty garden after moving back into her £2m mansion – The Sun


KATIE Price showed off her grotty garden after moving back into her £2million mucky mansion.

The former glamour model, 41, filmed the outside of her property as Storm Ciara caused havoc.

Fans could spot the messy garden and building materials as her eldest son Harvey, 17, looked on entranced by the weather.

She wrote over the video: "Simple things make harvey happy, this was him earlier before we left home."

While Harvey looked on, Katie said: "Mummy's opened the bedroom windows just so you can feel the wind."

The next morning she shared another video of her broken, empty jacuzzi squirting out water.

She wrote over it: "Just woke up with Jett and Bunny thinking I'm out at sea when it's my bloody jacuzzi going mental with lid off and looking empty, happened over night."

Katie moved her belongings into the £2million, six bed property today.

A source told The Sun Online: “Strictly, Katie doesn’t own the entire house, she only part owns it, so that’s why she’s been allowed to keep it. Friends helped her out by buying part of the mansion, so it’s not really hers to lose.

“Katie’s spent the past month renovating the house as part of her new Quest Red series and it now looks better than it has in years.

“It’s been painted, and she can now move back into the main house, while before she was living in the annexe.

“She’s saying it’s a fresh start and is really, really pleased to be back in the house.”

Katie went bankrupt in November last year after failing to stick to the terms of her IVA and pay back her creditors.

On her reality show, she revealed she was spending £1,000 a WEEK on food for her family – and moved out of her home when building work went wrong.

She had to abandon the makeover and plans to turn it into a hotel and wedding venue.

However, her fortunes turned around when TV channel Quest Red agreed to make the house’s renovations a focus of the next series – and she managed to get the work done for free.

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