Katie Price gets her mucky mansion ‘exorcised’ and blessed after claiming it’s cursed

Katie Price gets her mucky mansion ‘exorcised’ and blessed after claiming it’s cursed


KATIE Price has had her mucky mansion exorcised and blessed ahead of moving back into it.

The 42-year-old is currently renovating the £1.3 million Sussex mansion, which she is convinced is haunted,  and is intent on getting rid of any bad energy as the house holds such negative memories for her. 

An insider told The Sun Online:  "Katie's called in experts to bless the house and cleanse it with sage to dispel any bad energy – and her team are looking into getting an 'exorcist' to get rid of any ghosts as Katie is convinced it's haunted. 

“She's actually feeling more positive about the house but wants to make sure any curse is firmly in the past before she starts spending more time there."

Katie’s rep added: “Katie is indeed very spiritual and yes has referred to her home as being haunted with bad energy in the past – it would certainly be something Katie will be addressing in the near future so she may set to work on the pace with all good vibes!"

The mum-of-five previously called ghost hunters to the house in a bid to get to the bottom of supernatural happenings. 

She once claimed she caught a man on camera walking past her and decided to perform a seance with her then boyfriend Kris Boyson. 

The now infamous "mucky mansion" has fallen into disrepair over the years and recently suffered a collapsed ceiling and flooded kitchen.

Last year firefighters tackled a blaze at the mansion with neighbours convinced the property was burning down. 

The property became unlivable as Katie also struggled with her mental health and checked herself into The Priory.

Now, she’s ready to move back in thanks to new boyfriend Carl Woods, who suggested she completely redecorated it – despite it holding such bad memories for her and her five kids. 

She recently said of the property:   “Oh it’s such a sad house.”

She added: “For me to move back into the house, nothing at all can be the same because of my mental health, it just reminds me looking around of situations and I don’t like it.”

The former glamour model has rebranded it her "plucky mansion" and is documenting her progress on Instagram.

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