Kate Garraway broke toe running through intensive care

Kate Garraway broke toe running through intensive care


GMB: Kate Garraway reveals how she broke her toe

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Ben Shephard poked fun at Kate Garraway’s new footwear at the start of Thursday’s Good Morning Britain. The ITV show kicked off with Kate attempting to hide her chunky white trainers, but Ben was not prepared to let her get away with it.

Kate explained she was wearing the trainers as she had broken her toe but hoped they wouldn’t be seen on TV.

Ben wasted no time in bringing them to the attention of viewers as he asked: “Can we discuss the footwear as well, did you jog in?”

“Oh no,” gasped Kate before she explained: “I was carrying some kids through in intensive care and whacked my foot on one of those tables.

“I was in absolute agony and I really wanted to cry.

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“But everyone around me was so seriously ill I had to go ‘no I’m fine’ because I felt too guilty.

“You can’t say ‘just drop everybody else please, I’ve got a broken toe’ so I said nothing and went to the toilet and cried.”

The veteran TV star was unimpressed with Ben not letting her secretly wear the trainers while presenting on the ITV show.

“I can’t get into my posh shoes and I forgot what you were like, because most of the summer I’ve been able to hide my trainers under the desk,” Kate remarked.

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