Joe Sugg admits hed love do Strictly Come Dancing for a second time

Joe Sugg admits hed love do Strictly Come Dancing for a second time


He found a brand new set of fans – and a girlfriend – when he joined Strictly's Class of 2018. And as he talked about appearing on this week's Who Do You Think You Are?, Joe Sugg admitted he'd love to take another turn around the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor.

The star is set to explore his family history in the hit BBC show and ahead of his appearance, he revealed: "I already enjoy Strictly, I do the podcast for the show so I still get to visit the studio and chat to all the pros and celebs.

"I do wish I could have another whizz on the dancefloor. I’m always on stand-by just in case!"

Joe, whose big sister is influencer Zoe Sugg – aka Zoella – became the first social media star to take part in the dance contest and it has led to a huge number of different career opportunities, including starring in the West End musical Waitress.

But it was of course through YouTube that Joe gained fame, and his ThatcherJoe channel, named after his earlier career training to be a roof thatcher, has gained an impressive 7m subscribers.

So it was interesting for Joe, 30, to find out that some of his ancestors were also involved in the communications industry.

His 3 x great grandfather and his brother had an intriguing line of work, and were involved in the earliest days of communication technology.

"They were some of the first to work in telecommunications with telegrams," Joe explains. "My 3x great grandfather moved to London to pursue a career in it and it led him to some great successes despite a lot of unfortunate losses."

And Joe, who no doubt thanks his lucky stars that he agreed to take on the challenge of Strictly, reveals that looking into his ancestry has made him think about how he sees himself and his place in the world.

By joining the show he became the second partner for Australian ballroom dancing champion Dianne Buswell.

She'd moved over from the Aussie show Dancing With The Stars and in 2017, when paired with Rev Richard Coles, she was one half of the second duo eliminated.

But the pairing for 2018 not only introduced Dianne to the man with whom she would set up home, it also led to a spot in the coveted final.

And as he delves into the lives of his ancestors, Joe is clearly aware that he's been very fortunate, as well as making some wise life choices.

"It’s made me realise that life is a series of sliding doors and decision-making," he said. "I’m extremely lucky to be here despite all the struggles and choices my ancestors made throughout history."

Who Do You Think You Are? airs tonight on BBC1 on 9pm. It will then be available to watch on iPlayer.

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