Jodie Whittaker ‘bruised and hurt’ on set of final series of Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker ‘bruised and hurt’ on set of final series of Doctor Who


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The 13th Doctor will bow out of the TARDIS later this year after returning for a final, six-episode serial entitled Flux tonight on BBC One. Jodie Whittaker will then regenerate after three specials in 2022, but not before she faces her most challenging adventure through time and space yet over the next month and a half. 

Whittaker has opened up about some risky stunts and action scenes in her upcoming final outing as the 13th Doctor. 

The current Doctor, 39, revealed she was left with a number of minor injuries after filming the show’s new series with companion Mandip Gill (Yaz Khan). 

“We’ve done a lot of wires this year,” she confirmed. 

“Particularly for certain scenes in episode one, it was mine and Mandip’s first few days.”

“We started at energy of a hundred and then after two days I was bruised and hurt and realised that this is why there are stunt doubles, as I am pathetic!”

The first female Time Lord in the official run of the series inherited the keys to the TARDIS from Peter Capaldi in 2017. 

She will now exit the role after just nine more episodes, starting with the six-episode event series Flux, starting on Halloween. 

Speaking to BBC about the upcoming episodes, Whittaker hinted the next series will explore the full scope of time and space.

With zero-gravity action and even some swordfighting coming up, series 13 is expected to be a fitting final adventure before Whittaker’s farewell tour of specials. 

She explained: “You do a lot of flips as if you’re falling through space and have to spin yourself backwards in a rotation and make sure you don’t get tangled.

“It’s all wonderful as you don’t think at the time that you’ll be able to do it.”

As ever with Doctor Who, the new series will be set in the distant past, the familiar present and the far-flung future.

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The Doctor will take on some recognizable rivals such as the Sontaran and Weeping Angels, as well as a new threat known as the Ravagers.

Thankfully, she’ll be joined once again by close friend Yaz, as well as a new companion Dan Lewis (played by John Bishop). 

Plus, her trusty sonic screwdriver may not be the only weapon she’ll have in her toolkit to take down her new foes. 

“I also do sword fighting in this,” Whittaker revealed, though it’s unclear whether the Doctor herself will be using a sword.

She admitted: “Or maybe it is best described as avoiding being got by a sword. I really loved that.” 

Fans have already had their first-look at the new series in an action-packed official trailer released earlier in the month.

Whittaker added: “Stunts wise there is lots of action, but rather than jumping through cranes it feels like a lot of falling through space!”

The 14th Doctor has yet to be announced, but luckily there’s still a year of the current iteration to enjoy before a new face takes on the coveted role.

Doctor Who: Flux premieres Sunday, October 31 at 6:25pm on BBC One.

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